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{"Addams Family (tm) Game
1. B68-688-3BE Infinite swords--can switch on/off
2. C9E-F8E-081 Infinite energy
3. 011-B9F-F7F Start with 1 life
4. 0A1-B9F-F7F Start with 10 lives
5. 218-5FF-D5D + 188-62F-6EA Infinite Lives
6. 217-9C9-C41 Pogo stick auto-jump--keep A pressed to stop effect--can switch on/off

Adventure Island (tm) Game
1. 018-5FF-E66 Start with 2 lives
2. 068-5FF-E66 Start with 7 lives
3. 098-5FF-E66 Start with 10 lives
4. 00A-C88-3BE Infinite lives
5. 006-90E-3BE Don't lose energy with time (you will lose energy when you hit a rock)
6. 058-64F-E6E Go straight to Lake Island (tm)
7. 048-64F-E6E Complete choose-an-egg bonus screen before starting game
8. 078-64F-E6E Skip whole game and view romantic end sequence

Alleyway (tm) Game
1. FA9-95E-4C1 Infinite time in bonus room--can switch on/off
2. FA5-ECF-4C1 Continue from last stage reached
3. 007-EEF-19E Infinite paddles

Altered Space (tm) Game
1. 002-8EE-3BE Stop air loss
2. 004-EFB-A2C Prevent air loss from touching most droids
3. 009-2A8-3BE Infinite use of stun gun

Amazing Penguin (tm) Game
1. 002-28D-19E Infinite lives
2. 32D-45E-E66 Start with 51 lives
3. 19D-45E-E66 Start with 26 lives
4. 0AD-45E-E66 Start with 11 lives
5. 01D-45E-E66 Start with 2 lives
6. 006-C3E-C49 Infinite time
7. 175-96F-5D2 Start each level with 1/2 time left
8. 0F5-96F-5D2 Start each level with 1/3 time left
9. 05D-A4E-E6E Start at level 5
10. 0AD-A4E-E6E Start at level 10
11. 0FD-A4E-E6E Start at level 15
12. 14D-A4E-E6E Start at level 20
13. 19D-A4E-E6E Start at level 25
14. 1ED-A4E-E6E Start at level 30

Amazing Spider-Man (tm) Game
1. F03-A1C-6E9 Infinite web
2. F03-60C-6E9 Infinite energy
3. C93-30C-193 Infinite lives and web packs
4. EAA-77E-3B5 Start with 1 web pack
5. FAA-77E-3B5 Start with 5 web packs
6. FFA-77E-3B5 Start with 10 web packs
7. F8A-77E-3B5 + F8A-76E-4C1 Start with 23 web packs
8. EAA-72E-089 Start with 1 life
9. FAA-72E-089 Start with 5 lives
10. FFA-72E-089 Start with 10 lives
11. F8A-72E-089 + F8A-71E-4C1 Start with 23 lives

Atomic Punk (tm) Game
Game A
1. C9C-87C-E69 Infinite time
2. 21E-D4D-C41 + 09E-38D-E66 Buy items under \"?\" icons
3. FF8-E3F-7FB Start with 255 gold coins
4. 198-E8F-E6A Start with 6,500 gold coins
Game B
5. 010-85B-E62 Start with 2 lives
6. 050-85B-E62 Start with 6 lives
7. 0A0-85B-E62 Start with 11 lives
8. 140-85B-E62 Start with 21 lives
9. 280-85B-E62 Start with 41 lives
10. A71-7CB-19E Infinite lives
11. C93-389-E69 Infinite time

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (tm) Game
1. A79-44C-19E Infinite lives
2. 015-F2F-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 055-F2F-E66 Start with 5 lives
4. 095-F2F-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. A7A-DBF-3BE Infinite hit points
6. 017-20B-E66 Start with 1 hit point
7. 057-20B-E66 Start with 5 hit points
8. 097-20B-E66 Start with 9 hit points
9. 004-B0F-3BE Infinite time
10. A71-FDE-19E Infinite swords on pick-up

Balloon Kid (tm) Game
1. 00E-17D-E6E + A7A-7CF-19E Infinite lives
2. 013-86F-F7A Start with 2 lives
3. 01F-41F-B3A + 00F-5BF-B3A Balloons worth 2 after 1st pick-up
4. 013-C49-E6A Start on Stage 2
5. 033-C49-E6A Start on Stage 4
6. 053-C49-E6A Start on Stage 6
7. 073-C49-E6A Start on Stage 8

Bart Simpson's Escape From Camp Deadly (tm) Game
1. 014-B7F-E62 Start with 2 lives
2. 054-B7F-E62 Start with 6 lives
3. 094-B7F-E62 Start with 10 lives
4. 00D-DCD-E6E Infinite lives
5. 007-F9F-19E No loss of chocolate candy
6. 054-BCF-E62 Start first life with 5 chocolate candies
7. 094-BCF-E62 Start first life with 9 chocolate candies
8. 054-DFF-E6E Start new lives with 5 chocolate candies
9. 094-DFF-E6E Start new lives with 9 chocolate candies
10. 18E-18D-6EA Infinite boomerangs--counter will be wrong

Baseball (tm) Game
1. 00D-34B-3BA Infinite strikes
2. 01D-37B-E66 1 strike and you're out (not including fouls)
3. 06D-37B-E66 6 strike and you're out
4. 09D-37B-E66 9 strike and you're out
5. 00D-A7B-3BA Strikeouts don't count
6. 000-7CF-3BA No scoring (can be switched off so your scores can be counted, but not your opponent's)

Battle Bull (tm) Game
1. 005-38E-C49 Infinite lives
2. AF5-6AF-802 + C96-68A-F72 Infinite gold--switch off between levels

Battle Unit Zeoth (tm) Game
1. 3E6-3AF-2A9 + 3EF-B2E-2A9 Infinite energy
2. 3E1-F4E-2AA + 021-F5E-F76 Collect 1 power-up to get more power
3. 012-CCD-F7E Finish game at end of level 1

Beetlejuice (tm) Game
1. 0A2-0CF-FAE + 0A7-FCC-FAE Take 10 hits before dying(sic: 020C-050A + 37FC-050A)
2. A77-E3C-19E Infinite lives
3. 012-07F-E66 Start with 1 life
4. 062-07F-E66 Start with 6 lives
5. 092-07F-E66 Start with 9 lives
6. 00E-DDF-3BE Infinite attempts--bathroom level
7. 009-BFB-3BE Infinite attempts--bedroom level

Bill & Ted's Excellent Game Boy Adventure (tm) Game
1. 001-E1C-E6E Infinite lives--1-player game
2. 041-1BC-C4A Start with 4 lives
3. 151-1BC-C4A Start with 15 lives
4. 251-1BC-C4A Start with 25 lives
5. 005-81A-E6E Infinite time
6. 012-4ED-E6A Start on adventure 2
7. 032-4ED-E6A Start on adventure 4
8. 052-4ED-E6A Start on adventure 6
9. 072-4ED-E6A Start on adventure 8
10. 092-4ED-E6A Start on adventure 10
11. 022-53D-E6A Start on quest 3--1-player game
12. 042-53D-E6A Start on quest 5--1-player game

Boomer's Adventure in Asmik World (tm) Game
1. C9C-DCE-A22 Infinite lives
2. 012-19F-E66 Start with 2 lives
3. 052-19F-E66 Start with 6 lives
4. 092-19F-E66 Start with 10 lives
5. 00C-D3E-A22 Infinite time
6. 3E6-49B-085 + 036-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 4
7. 3E6-49B-085 + 076-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 8
8. 3E6-49B-085 + 0B6-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 12
9. 3E6-49B-085 + 0F6-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 16
10. 3E6-49B-085 + 136-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 20
11. 3E6-49B-085 + 176-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 24
12. 3E6-49B-085 + 1B6-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 28
13. 3E6-49B-085 + 1F6-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 32
14. 3E6-49B-085 + 3C6-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 6 (on way down)
15. 3E6-49B-085 + 406-4AB-5D4 Start on stage 2 (on way down)

Boulderdash (tm) Game
1. 00F-00C-19E Infinite time
2. 012-7CF-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 052-7CF-E66 Start with 5 lives
4. 092-7CF-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. 000-24B-E6E Infinite lives
6. 042-63B-E62 Start on any level
7. 3EC-9AA-80E + 01C-9BA-193 Need only 1 diamond to complete level
8. 3EC-9AA-80E + 05C-9BA-193 Need 5 diamonds to complete level

Boxxle (tm) Game
1. 008-30F-E6E + 008-70F-E6E Disable number-of-moves-taken counter
2. 217-A6F-C41 Walk thru walls
3. 217-B6F-E61 + 217-A6F-C41 Walk thru walls/push boxes thru walls--but don't push them into each other or off screen, or you can't finish puzzle

Brain Bender (tm) Game
1. 00B-EEE-19E Infinite time (timer still counts down)
2. AF6-16F-3B4 Don't need passwords for levels you can select
3. 003-BDF-801 Infinite continues

Bubble Bobble (tm) Game
1. 015-EDF-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 055-EDF-E66 Start with 5 lives
3. 0A5-EDF-E66 Start with 10 lives
4. 0F5-EDF-E66 Start with 15 lives
5. C98-20F-7F6 Infinite lives
* = You must type in \"VGL1\" in password screen
6. 164-D08-4C1 + 094-D18-916 + 004-D28-C4D *Start on round 10
7. 164-D08-4C1 + 1D4-D18-916 + 004-D28-C4D *Start on round 30
8. 164-D08-4C1 + 314-D18-916 + 004-D28-C4D *Start on round 50
9. 164-D08-4C1 + 454-D18-916 + 004-D28-C4D *Start on round 70
10. 164-D08-4C1 + 594-D18-916 + 004-D28-C4D *Start on round 90
11. 164-D08-4C1 + 624-D18-916 + 004-D28-C4D *Start on round 99
12. 0E0-94E-91A Jump 2x higher
13. 070-94E-91A Jump 4x higher

Bubble Ghost (tm) Game
1. 002-ABF-3BE Infinite lives
2. 011-DFF-F7E Start with 2 lives
3. 071-DFF-F7E Start with 8 lives
4. 0A1-DFF-F7E Start with 11 lives
5. 051-ACF-E62 Start on level 4
6. 111-ACF-E62 Start on level 16
7. 001-90D-19E Infinite continues
8. 011-BAF-E62 1 continue
9. 051-BAF-E62 4(sic) continues
10. 0A1-BAF-E62 10 continues

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (tm) Game
1. A73-A0E-19E Infinite lives
2. 011-B2E-F7E Start with 1 life
3. 0A1-B2E-F7E Start with 10 lives
4. 0E1-0D8-E6A Start on level 15
5. 1D1-0D8-E6A Start on level 30
6. 2C1-0D8-E6A Start on level 45

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 (tm) Game
1. A76-00E-19E Infinite lives
2. 01F-EAC-F7E Start with 1 life
3. 0AF-EAC-F7E Start with 10 lives
4. 14F-EAC-F7E Start with 20 lives
* = Once you walk to the level, switch off to get to higher level
5. 3EE-1DD-081 + 03E-1ED-E68 + 3DE-1FD-E65 After completing level 1, can walk to level 3
6. 3EE-1DD-081 + 08E-1ED-E68 + 3DE-1FD-E65 After completing level 1, can walk to level 8
7. 3EE-1DD-081 + 10E-1ED-E68 + 3DE-1FD-E65 After completing level 1, can walk to level 16
8. 3EE-1DD-081 + 18E-1ED-E68 + 3DE-1FD-E65 After completing level 1, can walk to level 24
9. 3E8-C5B-191 Don't need all keys to complete level

Burai Fighter Deluxe (tm) Game
1. 069-14F-193 + 099-15F-F77 Start with 9 lives
2. 00A-BAF-E6E Infinite lives
3. 3E5-5FD-2AA + 055-60D-E6E + 775-61D-3BA 1st of each power-up worth more--Switch off to let power-ups progress higher
4. 3E5-5FD-2AA + 0A5-60D-E6E + 775-61D-3BA 1st power-up worth full power
* = Select password option and enter 2nd level password \"HGKM\"
5. 013-ADE-E6A *Start on stage 3
6. 023-ADE-E6A *Start on stage 4
7. 033-ADE-E6A *Start on stage 5

Burgertime Deluxe (tm) Game
1. 005-CBE-E6E Infinite lives
2. 011-DCF-E62 Start with 2 lives
3. 051-DCF-E62 Start with 6 lives
4. 091-DCF-E62 Start with 10 lives
5. 00B-77D-E6E Infinite peppers
6. 011-E1F-F7E Start with 1 pepper
7. 091-E1F-F7E Start with 9 pepper
8. 050-E0C-E6E 5 peppers on pick-up
9. 090-E0C-E6E 9 peppers on pick-up
10. 18E-58D-4CA Invincibility--can switch on/off

Castelian (tm) Game
1. 213-C5F-4C1 Infinite lives
2. 01D-B2F-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 05D-B2F-E66 Start with 5 lives
4. 09D-B2F-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. 006-AFF-B31 Infinite time--switch off at end of each level to go on

Castlevania II-Belmont's Revenge (tm) Game
1. 008-59C-6E2 Infinite energy--switch off at end of each castle to get bonus, then switch on
2. 00F-13F-E6E Infinite lives
3. 007-BBB-E6E Infinite hearts
4. 018-DCD-E62 + EA8-E0D-081 Start with 2 lives
5. 058-DCD-E62 + EA8-E0D-081 Start with 6 lives
6. 098-DCD-E62 + EA8-E0D-081 Start with 10 lives

Catrap (tm) Game
1. 006-B7F-E6E Choose final level
2. 216-3EF-F79 Can't undo mistakes
3. 216-57F-D5D Stop timer
4. 189-96D-08A Run left or right thru anything--for fun only, you can get stuck and have to reset (press Code Screen)
5. C9D-8DD-F78 Stops you from falling down

Chase H.Q. (tm) Game
1. FAB-DDE-4C1 Infinite turbos
2. A7A-C2F-19E Infinite time
3. 0BB-E1E-B32 Turbo lasts 1/2x as long
4. 2CB-E1E-B32 Turbo lasts 2x as long
5. 42B-E1E-B32 Turbo lasts 3x as long
6. 64A-AEF-C49 Timer runs 2x faster
7. FFA-AEF-C49 Timer runs 1-1/2x slower
8. 014-BFF-E6A + 013-3EE-4C1 Start on stage 2
9. 024-BFF-E6A + 013-3EE-4C1 Start on stage 3
10. 034-BFF-E6A + 013-3EE-4C1 Start on stage 4
11. 044-BFF-E6A + 013-3EE-4C1 Start on stage 5

Choplifter 2 (tm) Game
1. AF6-63E-19A Infinite helicopters
* = 1st game only
2. 005-4EC-F7A *Start with 1 copter
3. 085-4EC-F7A *Start with 9 copters
4. 135-4EC-F7A *Start with 20 copters
5. 015-6CC-E6A Start in sector 2
6. 025-6CC-E6A Start in sector 3
7. 035-6CC-E6A Start in sector 4
8. 045-6CC-E6A Start in sector 5
9. 015-6BC-E6A Start at level 2 in chosen sector
10. 025-6BC-E6A Start at level 3 in chosen sector

Cosmo Tank (tm) Game
1. 00A-52A-F71 Infinite lives--outside levels
2. 00A-21A-F71 Don't take damage from small creatures--outside levels
3. 0AE-B5F-F76 + 0A0-7EE-F76 Start with 10 bars of energy
4. 06E-B0F-E66 + 06F-77F-E66 Start with 6 lives
5. 09E-B0F-E66 + 09F-77F-E66 Start with 9 lives
6. 00B-29B-E65 Infinite smart bombs--outside levels
7. 002-F99-F71 Don't take damage from large creatures--outside levels
8. 003-5FB-F71 Can't be harmed by small creatures--inside levels
9. 008-66B-E65 Infinite smart bombs--inside levels
10. 091-0CE-E6E Transport to mystery level

Crystal Quest (tm) Game
1. 0A5-4EF-F7A Start with 10 lives
2. 145-4EF-F7A Start with 20 lives
3. B62-D3E-3BE Infinite lives
4. 0A4-6FF-F7A Start with 10 smart bombs
5. 144-6FF-F7A Start with 20 smart bombs
6. B6C-00F-3BE Infinite smart bombs
7. AFF-54F-3BE + 77F-55F-E69 Only need 1 crystal to finish each level
* = Switch off before you reach wave chosen, or you'll keep playing that wave
8. 3E8-0CE-2AA + 098-0DE-E66 *Skip to wave 10 after completing your current wave
9. 3E8-0CE-2AA + 138-0DE-E66 *Skip to wave 20 after completing your current wave
10. 3E8-0CE-2AA + 278-0DE-E66 *Skip to wave 40 after completing your current wave
11. 3E8-0CE-2AA + 4F8-0DE-E66 *Skip to wave 80 after completing your current wave

Dexterity (tm) Game
1. 01C-AEE-E62 Start with 2 lives
2. 05C-AEE-E62 Start with 6 lives
3. 09C-AEE-E62 Start with 10 lives
4. 00C-12F-E6E Infinite time
5. C93-56B-6EE Invincible to enemy attacks

Dick Tracy (tm) Game
1. 016-BFF-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 066-BFF-E66 Start with 6 lives
3. 009-7EF-E6E Infinite lives
4. 054-DCF-C42 Start each life with 1/2x energy
5. 104-DCF-C42 Start each life with max energy
6. A77-7DA-19E Infinite energy
7. 215-3AF-D5D Infinite time
8. 0A1-6CD-F72 10 bullets on pick-up of hand-gun
9. 141-6CD-F72 20 bullets on pick-up of hand-gun
10. B66-C6E-3BE Infinite ammo on pick-up of any weapon

Disney's Duck Tales (tm) Game
1. 01C-918-E62 Start with 2 lives
2. 05C-918-E62 Start with 6 lives
3. 09C-918-E62 Start with 10 lives
4. 006-2DF-E6E Infinite lives
5. 00C-968-F72 Infinite hit points
6. 8E9-63C-910 Timer counts up instead of down (Infinite time to complete your duck mission)

Double Dragon (tm) Game
1. 012-87F-E66 + 012-B6F-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 052-87F-E66 + 052-B6F-E66 Start with 5 lives
3. 0A2-87F-E66 + 0A2-B6F-E66 Start with 10 lives
4. 142-87F-E66 + 142-B6F-E66 Start with 20 lives
5. A73-BBF-19E Infinite lives
6. 007-F0A-B30 Infinite energy
7. 3D7-F0A-B30 Enemy hits are very weak

Double Dragon II (tm) Game
1. 017-21F-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 067-21F-E66 Start with 6 life
3. 0C7-21F-E66 Start with 12 life
4. 197-21F-E66 Start with 25 life
* = Choose continue on options screen
5. 3ED-8CF-081 + 01D-8DF-195 + 00D-8EF-D55 *Start on mission 2
6. 3ED-8CF-081 + 02D-8DF-195 + 00D-8EF-D55 *Start on mission 3
7. 3ED-8CF-081 + 03D-8DF-195 + 00D-8EF-D55 *Start on mission 4
8. 3ED-8CF-081 + 04D-8DF-195 + 00D-8EF-D55 *Start on mission 5
9. 3ED-8CF-081 + 08D-8DF-195 + 00D-8EF-D55 *Start on mission 9
10. 3ED-8CF-081 + 09D-8DF-195 + 00D-8EF-D55 *Start on mission 10

Dr. Mario (tm) Game
1. CEE-B5E-D50 + 9EE-B7E-911 Screen doesn't blank in pause mode
2. 00B-E3D-B32 Get 4 pills in a row or kill 1 virus to complete level
3. C9A-5FD-E69 No speed increase every 10 pills
4. 01A-5ED-C42 Speed increase after every pill
5. 05A-5ED-C42 Speed increase after every 5 pills

Elevator Action (tm) Game
1. B68-18F-3BE Invincible to enemy attacks
2. 094-F6F-E66 Start with 9 lives
3. 064-F6F-E66 Start with 6 lives
4. 014-F6F-E66 Start with 1 life
5. B65-90F-3BE Infinite lives
6. AF4-CBB-7F4 Otto does not have to retrieve disks to escape

Faceball 2000 (tm) Game
* = Cyberscape mode only.
1. 000-3FD-3BE *Infinite lives
2. 014-DBA-E66 *Start with 1 life
3. 054-DBA-E66 *Start with 5 life
4. 0A4-DBA-E66 *Start with 10 life
5. 0F4-DBA-E66 *Start with 15 life
6. 144-DBA-E66 *Start with 20 life
7. FAE-06C-4C1 *Stop timer
+ = In options screen, adjust strength to \"!!!!\" before selecting \"Arena\" or \"Cyberscape\"
8. 053-A89-E6E + 05A-98D-E66 +Can take 5 hits
9. 0A3-A89-E6E + 0AA-98D-E66 +Can take 10 hits
10. 0F3-A89-E6E + 0FA-98D-E66 +Can take 15 hits
11. 143-A89-E6E + 14A-98D-E66 +Can take 20 hits

Final Fantasy Adventure (tm) Game
1. FAE-3FC-4C1 Don't take damage (except from poisons and magic)
* = Only works if entered before new games, not on continues
2. 05E-6B9-E62 *Start with stamina, power and will = 5
3. 0AE-6B9-E62 *Start with stamina, power and will = 10
4. 0FE-6B9-E62 *Start with stamina, power and will = 15
5. 14E-6B9-E62 *Start with stamina, power and will = 20
6. 1EE-6B9-E62 *Start with stamina, power and will = 30

Flipull (tm) Game
1. 01D-48D-E62 Start with 1 special block
2. 05D-482-E62 Start with 5 special blocks
3. 09D-48D-E62 Start with 9 special blocks
4. A77-41F-19E Infinite time
5. 003-B0E-3BE Infinite credits
6. 01D-45D-E66 Start with 1 credit
7. 05D-45D-E66 Start with 5 credit
8. 09D-45D-E66 Start with 9 credit

Fortified Zone (tm) Game
* = Doesn't work against vehicles, so don't get run over
1. FAA-60E-4C1 *Infinite hit points for male soldier
2. FA0-70D-4C1 *Infinite hit points for female soldier
3. A79-B8C-19E Infinite ammo for special weapons on pick-up
4. 05F-A08-E66 Both soldiers start with infinite hit points
5. 0AF-A08-E66 Both start with 10 hit points
6. 0FF-A08-E66 Both start with 15 hit points
7. 14F-A08-E66 Both start with 20 hit points
8. 01F-8A8-E6A Both start with 1 key and weapon power-up
9. 05F-8A8-E6A Both start with 5 keys and weapon power-ups
10. 09F-8A8-E6A Both start with 9 keys and weapon power-ups
11. 01F-988-E6A Start with 1 medicine unit
12. 05F-988-E6A Start with 5 medicine units
13. 09F-988-E6A Start with 9 medicine units
+ = Go to password screen, then enter \"3375\"
14. 01D-148-E6E +Start on level 2
15. 02D-148-E6E +Start on level 3
16. 03D-148-E6E +Start on level 4

Game of Harmony (tm) Game
* = Switch off when you reach the level the code gives you
1. 009-DBF-C41 + 3E9-DCF-C48 + 089-DDF-C4A *Go to level 10 after completing a level
2. 009-DBF-C41 + 3E9-DCF-C48 + 129-DDF-C4A *Go to level 20 after completing a level
3. 009-DBF-C41 + 3E9-DCF-C48 + 1C9-DDF-C4A *Go to level 30 after completing a level
4. 009-DBF-C41 + 3E9-DCF-C48 + 269-DDF-C4A *Go to level 40 after completing a level
5. 006-94E-3BE Infinite time on bonus section--can switch on/off

Gargoyle's Quest (tm) Game
1. 005-5CD-E6E Infinite lives
2. 001-D4F-E6E Start with 1(sic) life
3. 051-D4F-E6E Start with 5 lives
4. 091-D4F-E6E Start with 9 lives

Gauntlet II (tm) Game
1. 002-EC9-C4E Don't lose energy with time (still lose it from enemies, poisons, magic, etc.)
2. C3A-5FA-D5D Never lose keys
3. 008-76A-3BE Never lose potions
4. 030-979-E6A Start with 3 keys and potions

Ghostbusters II (tm) Game
1. 00E-44E-3BE Infinite protons and traps
2. C9C-B4E-081 Invincible
3. AF5-778-19E Only need to zap 1 ghost per level
4. A76-F9E-19E Infinite time--switch off at end of level to go on, then switch on again

Go! Go! Tank (tm) Game
1. 00C-7FE-F7A Plane flies like there's no gravity
2. FFC-7FE-F7A More downward gravity
3. A77-F6C-19E Infinite planes
4. C96-E3C-193 Fly thru walls and ground, but not thru enemy vehicles, missiles, or end-of-level walls
5. 017-67D-F7A Tank takes minimum damage when it hits walls
6. 107-67D-F7A Tank takes 4x damage when it hits walls
7. C93-5FC-F7D Tank is invincible

Godzilla (tm) Game
1. 00F-09F-E6E Infinite lives
2. 005-16D-19E Infinite energy--switch off in bonus rounds or will give infinite bonuses
3. 016-E9F-E62 Start with 2 lives
4. 056-E9F-E62 Start with 6 lives
5. 096-E9F-E62 Start with 10 lives
6. 088-3BF-A2A First hit takes 1/2 your energy

Gradius: The Interstellar Assault (tm) Game
1. 014-C0F-E62 Start with 2 lives
2. 054-C0F-E62 Start with 6 lives
3. 094-C0F-E62 Start with 10 lives
4. 000-ECE-E6E Infinite lives
5. 005-EEA-C49 Autofire without pressing A (don't change control settings, leave rapid fire on)
6. 024-ABF-E6E Start on level 2
7. 034-ABF-E6E Start on level 3
8. 044-ABF-E6E Start on level 4

Gremlins 2 (tm) Game
1. 001-F0F-E62 Start with 1 life
2. 041-F0F-E62 Start with 5 lives
3. 091-F0F-E62 Start with 10 lives
4. A76-14E-19E Infinite lives--except against end-of-level enemies
5. A7D-7EE-19E Infinite lives--against end-of-level enemies
6. EA1-E1E-081 Infinite energy (display will show 1 pt. on level 1 & 6 pts. on all others)
7. 048-03F-C4A Start with 1/2x energy
8. EAC-2DE-081 Invincible to end-of-level bullets
9. EAB-E9E-081 Invincible to end-of-level enemies
10. 211-D5E-D5D All objects freeze and become harmless gizmos (Except spikes and end-of-level enemies)
11. 014-02B-F7E Suitcases can only take 1 pt. of damage before disappearing
* = Suitcases will disappear if they touch a spike or some other hazards
12. 0A4-02B-F7E *Suitcases can take 10 pts of damage before disappearing
13. 144-02B-F7E *Suitcases can take 20 pts damage
14. 18F-7EF-4CA Suitcases invulnerable to left sides of spikes
15. 18C-B5F-4CA Suitcases invulnerable to top of spikes
16. 180-09E-4CA Suitcases invulnerable to right sides of spikes

Heianky Alien (tm) Game
1. 01D-0AC-F7E Start with 1 life
2. 0AD-0AC-F7E Start with 10 lives
3. 14D-0AC-F7E Start with 20 lives
4. A75-7FB-3BE Infinite lives
5. C34-5BC-A21 Freeze aliens--can switch on/off
6. 214-5BC-A21 Slow motion game
7. 183-54C-2AA B button gives mega-dig, A button gives mega-fill
Old Game Codes:
8. 01A-97E-F7E Start with 1 life
9. C90-22D-C45 + FFF-AFE-F7E Infinite lives

Hook (tm) Game
1. 014-7ED-F7A Start with 1 life
2. 074-7ED-F7A Start with 7 lives
3. 284-8FD-A2B Start with half energy
4. 004-93E-2AF Invincible
5. 000-B49-19E Infinite magic dust after pick-up of flying power token
6. 00C-FDD-3BE Infinite lives
7. 3EC-988-191 9 flying power tokens on pick-up
8. 3EC-A98-191 9 thimble tokens on pick-up

Hunt for Red October (tm) Game
1. 00D-05A-E6E Infinite missiles
2. 00B-68A-E6E Infinite cloaking
3. 008-85F-E6E Infinite lives
4. 085-20F-E62 + 089-A5E-E62 Cloak and lives start at 8, missiles at 9

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters (tm) Game
1. A75-8EB-B30 Invincible against attacks
2. C95-7DC-6EE Avoid injury from water and spikes (prevents use of holy water)
3. 05D-FEE-E62 Start with 5 credits
4. 09D-FEE-E62 Start with 9 credits
5. A79-07C-19E Infinite credits
6. 023-26A-E6E Each snake heart = 2
7. 0A3-26A-E6E Each snake heart = 10

Kung Fu Master (tm) Game
1. 010-F2A-E62 Start with 2 lives
2. 050-F2A-E62 Start with 6 lives
3. 090-F2A-E62 Start with 10 lives
4. 003-E3A-3BE Infinite lives
5. 010-F7A-F7E 1 continue
6. 090-F7A-F7E 9 continues
7. 00A-32A-3BE Infinite continues--switch off between levels to go on
8. 00C-8EA-3BE Infinite time
9. 022-8DA-E6E Start timer at 2,000
10. 042-8DA-E6E Start timer at 4,000

Kwirk (tm) Game
1. 000-03E-19A Bonus points don't go down
2. 000-0DE-E6E Stop timer
3. 020-0DE-E6E Timer runs at 2x speed
4. 771-02E-197 + 7F1-11E-3B7 Up control is down/down is up
5. 671-20E-5D7 + 6F1-37E-7F7 Left control is right/right is left

Lock N' Chase (tm) Game
1. 509-6BD-E66 Start with 50 lives
2. 259-6BD-E66 Start with 25 lives
3. 109-6BD-E66 Start with 10 lives
4. 007-C1D-E6E Infinite lives
5. 3ED-79F-081 + 02D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 1-1
6. 3ED-79F-081 + 03D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 1-2
7. 3ED-79F-081 + 04D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 1-3
8. 3ED-79F-081 + 08D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 2-1
9. 3ED-79F-081 + 09D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 2-2
10. 3ED-79F-081 + 0AD-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 2-3
11. 3ED-79F-081 + 0ED-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 3-1
12. 3ED-79F-081 + 0FD-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 3-2
13. 3ED-79F-081 + 10D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 3-3
14. 3ED-79F-081 + 14D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 4-1
15. 3ED-79F-081 + 15D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 4-2
16. 3ED-79F-081 + 16D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 4-3
17. 3ED-79F-081 + 20D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 6-1
18. 3ED-79F-081 + 21D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 6-2
19. 3ED-79F-081 + 22D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 6-3
20. 3ED-79F-081 + 27D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 7-1
21. 3ED-79F-081 + 28D-7AF-3BC + 00D-7BF-E69 Start on practice stage 7-2
22. 18B-BDE-4CA Can't drop barriers

Loopz (tm) Game
1. 002-6D8-19E Infinite lives--can switch on/off
2. 014-15C-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 054-15C-E66 Start with 5 lives
4. 0A4-15C-E66 Start with 10 lives
5. 144-15C-E66 Start with 20 lives
6. 00C-AB8-19E Infinite time--can switch on/off
7. 379-628-084 Sets bonus multiplier to 10

Marble Madness (tm) Game
1. 00A-A8C-3BE Infinite time
2. 638-5EC-19A 99 seconds for level 1
3. 638-5FC-E6F 99 seconds for level 2
4. 638-60C-4CA 99 seconds for level 3
5. 638-61C-6EE 99 seconds for level 4
6. FA0-65C-4C1 Continue from last level reached

Megaman in Dr. Wily's Revenge (tm) Game
1. 49B-94F-808 + 49B-EAF-808 Start with 1/2x energy
2. 25B-94F-808 + 25B-EAF-808 Start with 1/4x energy
3. 218-3E9-E61 Cannot die--can switch on/off
4. A72-05B-A28 Infinite weapons energy

Megaman II (tm) Game
1. 008-C4D-E6E Infinite lives
2. 09B-F8F-E62 Start with 10 lives
3. 06B-F8F-E62 Start with 7 lives
4. 01B-F8F-E62 Start with 2 lives
5. 49C-55F-808 Start each stage with 1/2x energy
6. 25C-55F-808 Start each stage with 1/4x energy
7. A75-FDC-B30 Infinite energy
8. A7A-14C-A28 Infinite power on all weapons and dog adaptors

Mercenary Force (tm) Game
1. B6E-75B-3BE Infinite hit points
2. 324-60E-F72 Servants start with 50 hit points
3. 324-68E-D5A Samurai start with 50 hit points
4. 324-70E-C42 Ninja starts with 50 hit points
5. 324-78E-C4E Monks start with 50 hit points
6. 324-80E-C4A Mystics start with 50 hit points
7. 501-B3E-3B9 + C31-B4E-E6E Start with 500,000 yen

Micky's Dangerous Chase (tm) Game
1. 005-E0F-E6E Infinite lives
2. 00D-9FE-19E Infinite energy

Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise (tm) Game
1. 09B-1DF-E62 Start with 10 lives
2. 06B-1DF-E62 Start with 7 lives
3. 01B-1DF-E62 Start with 2 lives
4. A7E-17E-19E Infinite lives
5. A71-79E-19A Stop timer on bonus round--must switch off to leave bonus round

Navy Seals (tm) Game
1. 00A-FDF-E6E Infinite lives
2. 019-009-F7A Start with 1 life
3. 069-009-F7A Start with 6 lives
4. 099-009-F7A Start with 9 lives
5. 058-0BF-E6E 5 snipers for each life after first life
6. 0A8-0BF-E6E 10 snipers after first life
7. 148-0BF-E6E 20 snipers after first life
8. 00B-4BF-19E Infinite snipers
9. 305-29F-A28 Start with 30 bullets
10. 605-29F-A28 Start with 60 bullets
11. 002-CEE-E6E Infinite bullets for handgun
12. 002-A4E-E6E Infinite bullets for machine gun
13. 182-9AE-6EA + 002-A4E-E6E Start with and keep machine gun and infinite ammo

Nemesis (tm) Game
1. 007-2FD-D51 Super shield--destroys enemies and bullets on contact--doesn't work against scenery or end-of-level mother ships
2. C9D-C4E-081 Invincible
3. 014-F3D-4C1 + 014-F7D-4C1 Power-up indicator doesn't reset
4. 3E4-23D-081 + 014-24D-E60 + 004-25D-C4D Power-up speed burner any time
5. 3E4-23D-081 + 024-24D-E60 + 004-25D-C4D Power-up missiles any time
6. 3E4-23D-081 + 034-24D-E60 + 004-25D-C4D Power-up double gun any time
7. 3E4-23D-081 + 044-24D-E60 + 004-25D-C4D Power-up laser any time
8. 3E4-23D-081 + 054-24D-E60 + 004-25D-C4D Power-up destruction device any time
9. 3E4-23D-081 + 064-24D-E60 + 004-25D-C4D Power-up force field any time

Ninja Boy (tm) Game
1. A75-5BA-19E Infinite lives
2. 0A0-35D-F7E Start with 10 lives
3. 140-35D-F7E Start with 20 lives
4. 3E3-C39-191 99 K's on pick-up
5. A7A-399-19E Infinite K's on pick-up
6. A7D-298-19E Infinite time in bonus rooms--switch off to leave bonus section

Ninja Gaiden Shadow (tm) Game
1. 003-1CE-19E Infinite lives
2. 01A-FCF-E62 Start with 2 lives
3. 05A-FCF-E62 Start with 6 lives
4. 09A-FCF-E62 Start with 10 lives
5. 003-1DD-19E Infinite energy
6. 03A-F7F-F72 + 03B-2EF-F72 Start each new life with half energy
7. 05B-01F-E6E + 05B-29F-E6E Start each new life with 5 firewheel markers
8. 02A-E6F-E6A Start at stage 1 boss--Spider
9. 07A-E6F-E6A Start at stage 2 boss--Jack & Gregory
10. 0BA-E6F-E6A Start at stage 3 boss--Colonel Allen
11. 0FA-E6F-E6A Start at stage 4 boss--Evil Nobleman Who-kisai
12. 04A-E6F-E6A Start at beginning of stage 2
13. 08A-E6F-E6A Start at beginning of stage 3
14. 0CA-E6F-E6A Start at beginning of stage 4
15. 10A-E6F-E6A Start at beginning of stage 5

Operation C (tm) Game
1. 011-82F-E62 Start with 2 life(sic)
2. 051-82F-E62 Start with 6 lives
3. 091-82F-E62 Start with 10 lives
4. 051-87F-E6A Start on any level from 1 to 4
5. 051-8CF-E6E Start on level 5
6. 216-CDA-4C1 Infinite lives

Pac-Man (tm) Game
1. 01E-25F-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 06E-25F-E66 Start with 6 lives
3. 09E-25F-E66 Start with 9 lives
4. C97-5AE-7F2 Pac-Man is invulnerable to ghosts

Paperboy (tm) Game
1. 003-99D-3BE Infinite papers
2. 004-B0E-C41 Infinite Paperboys

Penguin Wars (tm) Game
1. 00C-1BF-C49 Pick up balls without having to press A (still have to press A to throw balls)
2. A77-5BF-19A Freeze timer--can switch on/off
3. 00E-B6F-3B7 Get up slower when hit by ball
4. 019-A3F-D5D Don't get hurt by balls

Pipe Dream (tm) Game
1. 003-C4D-3BE Stop water--can switch on/off
2. 003-11D-F7E Length of 0 finishes level
3. C97-3DC-192 Put 1 block over another faster

Power Racer (tm) Game
1. 016-93F-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 056-93F-E66 Start with 5 lives
3. 096-93F-E66 Start with 9 lives
4. 001-9BC-3BE Infinite lives
5. FA0-9DC-4C1 Keep twin cars until you collect another twin icon
6. 3E5-62C-081 + 305-63C-A2E All pick-ups act as slow-downs
7. 3E5-62C-081 + 315-63C-A2E All pick-ups act as u-turns
8. 3E5-62C-081 + 325-63C-A2E All pick-ups act as twin cars
9. 3E5-62C-081 + 335-63C-A2E All pick-ups act as bombs
10. 3E5-62C-081 + 345-63C-A2E All pick-ups act as shields
11. 3E5-62C-081 + 355-63C-A2E All pick-ups do nothing

Prince of Persia (tm) Game
1. 187-85D-4CA Don't take damage from falling--you can get trapped and have to reset (press Code Screen)
* = Timer must go down to 59 to use passwords.
2. A71-42E-19E *Stop timer--can switch on/off
3. FA5-B7C-4C1 *Kill all guards without fighting (except ghost guards)
4. C3A-47F-E61 *Never have to fight guards

Punisher (tm) Game
1. 00E-6AC-2A2 No enemies appear--can switch on/off
2. A74-1CE-19E Infinite ammo
3. A73-01C-B3C Immunity to enemy bullets--but lose energy from killing civilians
4. A74-CCE-19E Infinite grenades

Q*Bert (tm) Game
1. FAA-66D-3BE Infinite lives
2. 012-C0F-F7E Start with 1 life
3. 0A2-C0F-F7E Start with 10 lives
4. 142-C0F-F7E Start with 20 lives
5. 322-C0F-F7E Start with 50 lives
6. 010-E6E-E66 Each level has only 2 sub-levels
7. 010-E6E-E66 Each level has only 1 sub-level
8. 3C3-0FF-19E + 343-11F-3BE Start on level 2

Qix (tm) Game
1. 002-B8B-F71 Infinite lives
2. 09D-8DC-E66 Start with 9 lives
3. 06D-8DC-E66 Start with 6 lives
4. 01D-8DC-E66 Start with 1 life
5. 03D-7BC-E6A Start on level 4
6. 07D-7BC-E6A Start on level 8
7. 0CD-7BC-E6A Start on level 13
8. 00B-829-2A7 Sparks don't chase you, but can still hurt

R-Type (tm) Game
1. 00E-C4E-19E Infinite ships
2. 3E8-E1F-4CA Pod worth more
3. 3E8-F7F-191 Speed-up gives max speed
4. 7E5-089-3BE Infinite credits
* = Will not change display
5. 08B-3BE-E62 *Start with 9 credits
6. 03B-3BE-E62 *Start with 4 credits
7. 02B-2EE-E6E Start on level 2
8. 03B-2EE-E6E Start on level 3
9. 06B-2EE-E6E Start on level 4
10. 07B-2EE-E6E Start on level 5
11. 08B-2EE-E6E Start on level 6

Revenge of the Gator (tm) Game
1. 007-E1F-3BE Infinite supply of balls
2. 016-EDF-E66 Start with 1 ball
3. 096-EDF-E66 Start with 9 balls
4. 21F-24D-D5D Disable left flipper
5. C9F-2AD-7F1 Disable right flipper

Robocop (tm) Game
1. F09-8AE-6E9 Infinite energy
2. 155-E8A-2AA Start with 1/2x energy
3. 605-E8A-2AA Start with 2x energy
4. F03-40C-6E9 Infinite time (timer goes down but resets)
5. FAB-C7E-4C1 Infinite superguns on pick-up
6. 005-11F-A22 After 1st screen of each phase, no one appears in windows

Robocop 2 (tm) Game
1. C95-9CE-C49 Infinite energy on scrolling levels
2. AF4-D9A-3B7 Infinite energy on ED-209 levels
3. 02A-E8E-F7A Start with 2 lives
4. 05A-E8E-F7A Start with 5 lives
5. B60-C2D-3BE Infinite lives
6. C95-48E-C49 Infinite time--except stages 3 and 8

Skate Or Die: Bad 'N Rad (tm) Game
1. 055-1D8-C42 Start with 1/2x energy
2. 01D-659-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 05D-659-E66 Start with 5 lives
4. 0AD-659-E66 Start with 10 lives
5. 14D-659-E66 Start with 20 lives
6. 008-C3F-D5D Infinite lives
7. 071-8CF-F7A Choose from 7 levels
8. 004-A5C-3BE Infinite time

Skate or Die-Tour De Thrash (tm) Game
Retro Rocket Ramp codes:
1. 019-54F-E66 Start timer at 1 minute
2. 069-54F-E66 Start timer at 6 minutes
3. 099-54F-E66 Start timer at 9 minutes
4. A7C-E0F-19E Infinite skateboards
5. A7D-8BF-19E Infinite time--can switch on/off
Stale Fish Tour codes:
6. 001-268-3BE Infinite time (fish time may read out wrong)
7. 01C-4FD-C4E Segment counter goes down quicker

Sneaky Snakes (tm) Game
1. C96-CDC-3BE Infinite lives and time--must switch off at end of every level
2. 011-498-E66 Start with 2 lives
3. 061-498-E66 Start with 7 lives
4. 091-498-E66 Start with 10 lives
5. 011-2E8-E66 1 continue
6. 051-2E8-E66 5 continues
7. 0A1-2E8-E66 10 continues

Snoopy's Magic Show (tm) Game
1. 010-47B-F7E Start with 1 life
2. 090-47B-F7E Start with 9 lives
3. 008-97A-3BA Infinite time--switch off in bonus round
4. 01E-6EC-F7A From level 2 on, only need 1 Woodstock to complete screen
* = Switch off when you have reach(sic) chosen level (level numbers will display wrong)
5. 3EE-76C-191 + 09E-77C-F7A + 32E-7CC-3BA *Go to level 10 after level 1
6. 3EE-76C-191 + 13E-77C-F7A + 32E-7CC-3BA *Go to level 20 after level 1
7. 3EE-76C-191 + 27E-77C-F7A + 32E-7CC-3BA *Go to level 40 after level 1
8. 3EE-76C-191 + 4FE-77C-F7A + 32E-7CC-3BA *Go to level 80 after level 1

Snow Brothers (tm) Game
* = 1st credit only
1. 017-5F9-E62 *Start with 2 chances
2. 067-5F9-E62 *Start with 7 chances
3. 097-5F9-E62 *Start with 10 chances
4. 004-91B-F71 Infinite lives
5. 001-68F-C46 Start with 1 credit
6. 641-68F-C46 Start with 100 credits
7. 00F-3BF-193 Zero gravity
8. 007-1EE-193 Ice Commandos act weird

Solomon's Club (tm) Game
1. C98-CFC-193 Blocks added to map are invisible; blocks taken away are still visible--leaves keys and other objects on display, but they have been collected
2. 023-8DF-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 0B3-8DF-E66 Start with 10 lives
4. 153-8DF-E66 Start with 20 lives
5. A71-71E-19E Infinite lives
6. C94-1DC-081 Infinite times
7. C9E-71C-D5D Run thru any blocks to left or right of you

Star Trek-The 25th Anniversary (tm) Game
1. 000-ADC-F7A Start with 1 ship
2. 090-ADC-F7A Start with 10 ships
3. 006-E8B-19E Infinite ships
4. 010-BC2-F7A Start with 1 Photon Torpedo
5. 090-BC2-F7A Start with 9 Photon Torpedoes
6. 007-02B-19E Infinite Photon Torpedoes
7. 990-9BC-80B Start with shields at full power
8. 990-A0C-80B Start with speed at full power
9. 990-A5C-80B Start with Phaser weapons at full power

Super Hunchback (tm) Game
1. 003-A39-3BE No timer
2. 006-CC9-A2C Infinite lives
3. 057-1E9-E62 Start with 6 lives
4. 017-1E9-E62 Start with 2 lives
5. 004-789-3BA No bell bonuses
6. 004-899-E6E No loss of bells when Quasi dies

Super Mario Land (tm) Game
1. 21C-53E-4C1 Infinite lives
2. 01D-49C-E62 Start with 2 lives
3. 05D-49C-E62 Start with 6 lives
4. 09D-49C-E62 Start with 10 lives
5. 189-B3B-4CA Fall much slower
6. 00B-8EB-E69 Stay as large Mario
7. 18A-B1E-2AA Run thru all objects

Super R.C. Pro AM (tm) Game
1. 052-BB9-E6E 5 rounds of ammo for each star collected
2. 0A2-BB9-E6E 10 rounds of ammo for each star collected
3. 142-BB9-E6E 20 rounds of ammo for each star collected
4. 054-ECF-E6E Start on track 5
5. 0A4-ECF-E6E Start on track 10
6. 0F4-ECF-E6E Start on track 15
7. 144-ECF-E6E Start on track 20
8. 184-ECF-E6E Start on track 24
9. 014-F4F-E6E Start with car 1
10. 024-F4F-E6E Start with car 2
11. 034-F4F-E6E Start with car 3

Tail 'Gator (tm) Game
1. 00C-4BE-3BE Infinite hit points
2. 189-A1D-4CA All chests reveal keys
3. 060-C7E-E6A Charlie has a tail strength of 6
4. 001-D1D-3BE Charlie keeps his tail strength

Tasmania Story (tm) Game
1. 015-D2F-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 055-D2F-E66 Start with 5 lives
* = Counter can't display this many lives
3. 105-D2F-E66 *Start with 15 lives
4. 155-D2F-E66 *Start with 20 lives
5. 005-B3D-19E Infinite lives
6. 016-72F-C42 Start with 1 bomb
7. 196-72F-C42 Start with 25 bombs
8. 326-72F-C42 Start with 50 bombs
9. 486-72F-C42 Start with 75 bombs
10. 006-8CD-E6E Infinite bombs

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Back From The Sewers (tm) Game
1. 001-B6B-3BE Infinite energy
2. 033-65E-D5A Start with 3 energy points
3. 063-65E-D5A Start with 6 energy points
4. 093-65E-D5A Start with 9 energy points
5. 3E3-8AE-6EA + 013-8BE-E66 Start on act 2
6. 3E3-8AE-6EA + 023-8BE-E66 Start on act 3
7. 3E3-8AE-6EA + 033-8BE-E66 Start on act 4
8. 3E3-8AE-6EA + 043-8BE-E66 Start on act 5
9. 3E3-8AE-6EA + 053-8BE-E66 Start on act 6
10. 0E8-BD8-802 + 018-BE8-D57 Pizza increases energy by only 1
11. 0E8-BD8-802 + 068-BE8-D57 Pizza increases energy by 6
12. 0E8-BD8-802 + 098-BE8-D57 Pizza increases energy by 9
13. 0E8-BD8-802 + 0C8-BE8-D57 Pizza completely restores energy

Tetris (tm) Game
1. 01A-8BE-7FE Need 1 line to finish game B
2. 10A-8BE-7FE Need 10 lines to finish game B
2-player codes:
3. 00C-83F-197 Immunity from other player's Tetrises
4. 3EC-86F-2AA + 04C-87F-7F0 When the other player gets a double or better, player with Game Genie gets 4 lines added to his screen (makes game more difficult for that player)

Tiny Toon Adventures (tm) Game
1. 00D-9FE-E6E Infinite lives
2. 00C-A3F-E6E Infinite carrots, pineapples and melons
3. 012-4C9-E62 Start with 2 lives
4. 042-4C9-E62 Start with 5 lives
5. 092-4C9-E62 Start with 10 lives
6. 012-559-E66 Start with 1 of each food
7. 052-559-E66 Start with 5 of each food
8. 092-559-E66 Start with 9 of each food

Trax (tm) Game
1. 003-CBB-C4D Infinite lives
2. 015-B4B-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 065-B4B-E66 Start with 6 lives
4. 095-B4B-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. 3CA-C0F-5D4 Start on stage 2
6. 78A-C0F-5D4 Start at beginning of stage 4
7. 7BA-C0F-5D4 Start at end of stage 4
8. 3DA-C0F-5D4 Skip to win sequence
9. 003-0EB-6E2 + 003-08B-4CA Autofire

Turrican (tm) Game
1. 00E-E4D-E6E Infinite lives
2. 01B-58E-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 06B-58E-E66 Start with 6 lives
4. 09B-58E-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. 006-C2F-3BE Infinite buzzsaws
6. A7F-68D-19E Infinite grenades/power lines
7. 01B-C3E-E66 Start with 1 grenade, 1 power line, 1 mine
8. 09B-C3E-E66 Start with 9 grenades, 9 power lines, 9 mines
9. 003-D0F-3BE Infinite time
10. 002-F5F-7F6 Auto crystal increase
11. 000-2AC-3BE Infinite energy

Ultra Golf (tm) Game
1. A77-57C-19A No strokes are recorded (strokes remain at 0)
2. FA9-2DA-4C1 No wind
3. DC0-899-D5D No extra penalty shot for out-of-bounds
4. 184-5AD-4CA Play from out-of-bounds

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (tm) Game
1. 003-188-A22 Infinite energy
* = Must enter \"AAAAAAAA\" as password
2. 001-32C-D56 + 3E1-38C-08B + 011-39C-19A *Start at act 2
3. 001-32C-D56 + 3E1-38C-08B + 021-39C-19A *Start at act 3
4. 001-32C-D56 + 3E1-38C-08B + 031-39C-19A *Start at act 4
5. 001-32C-D56 + 3E1-38C-08B + 041-39C-19A *Start at act 5
6. 001-32C-D56 + 3E1-38C-08B + 051-39C-19A *Start at act 6
7. A76-318-19E Infinite bullets for Toon Gun
8. A7E-B9D-19E Infinite energy for Benny the Cab

Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress Of Fear (tm) Game
1. 00B-12C-3BE Infinite lives
2. 019-97E-E66 Start with 1 life
3. 059-97E-E66 Start with 5 lives
4. 099-97E-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. FAA-F5C-4C1 Infinite energy
6. 069-76E-D5A Start with 1/2x energy
7. 44B-29C-E67 + 0DB-2CC-D52 Keep keys after death
8. 002-54C-3BE Keep keys after using
Adventures of Star Saver (tm) Game
001-A6E-F7D Infinite lives
003-89D-F71 Infinite life ropes
75C-94E-3BA 49 life ropes on pick-up
001-63D-F71 + 00B-B7E-F71 + 00B-DBE-F71 Infinite shields on
021-99E-E66 Start with 2 lives
041-99E-E66 Start with 4 lives
061-99E-E66 Start with 6 lives
3C1-7FE-5D4 Start with all power-ups (except
shields)--1st life only
Adventures of Star Saver is a trademark of Taito Corp.

Barbie Game Girl (tm) Game
027-7AD-F7E Start with 2 hit points
047-7AD-F7E Start with 4 hit points
087-7AD-F7E Start with 8 hit points
FAA-A5C-4C1 Infinite hit points
017-ADD-E66 1 continue
047-ADD-E66 4 continues
087-ADD-E66 8 continues
FAB-959-4C1 Infinite continues
Barbie Game Girl is a trademark of Mattel, Inc.

Batman Return of the Joker (tm) Game
062-01F-C42 Start with max of 3 hit points
102-01F-C42 Start with max of 8 hit points
022-07F-F7E 1 continue
0A2-07F-F7E 9 continues
00A-B5D-F75 Infinite continues
05D-A0B-C42 5 Batarangs (tm) on pick-up
14D-A0B-C42 20 Batarangs on pick-up
28D-A0B-C42 40 Batarangs on pick-up
009-96E-19E Infinite batarangs on pick-up
Batman Return of the Joker and Batarang are trademarks of DC
Comics Inc.

Battletoads (tm) Game
007-ED8-E66 Start with 1 life
057-ED8-E66 Start with 6 lives
097-ED8-E66 Start with 10 lives
007-C2E-3BE Infinite continues
017-F28-E66 1 continue
057-F28-E66 5 continues
0A7-F28-E66 10 continues
FAC-CAF-4C1 + 007-B0E-F71 Infinite lives and energy
063-26F-D5A Start 1st life with 1/2 energy
06E-388-D5A Start with only 1/2 energy--after 1st
0E3-26F-D5A Start 1st life with 2 extra hit points
0EE-388-D5A Start with 2 extra hit points--after 1st
FAD-918-4C1 Keep axe after dying
005-42E-E6E Big arms that hack at you from caves
in level 1 do not move
Battletoads is a trademark of Rare, Ltd.

Castlevania Adventure (tm) Game
048-5EF-E62 Start with 5 lives
068-5EF-E62 Start with 7 lives
025-5CF-C42 Start with 2 energy bars
045-5CF-C42 Start with 4 energy bars
065-5CF-C42 Start with 6 energy bars
*=1st stage only
029-B3F-A26 *Start with timer at 2:15
049-B3F-A26 *Start with timer at 4:15
079-B3F-A26 *Start with timer at 7:15
00A-F28-3B7 Infinite energy
004-07F-3B7 Infinite time--switch off at end of
stages to go on
006-94F-3B7 Infinite lives
Castlevania Adventure is a trademark of Konami Inc.

Days of Thunder (tm) Game
FAE-7B9-4C1 Infinite time in pits
002-948-2A3 Infinite fuel
006-9CE-3B7 Car takes no damage
C97-2FD-3BA Tires take no damage
Days of Thunder is a trademark of Paramount Pictures.

Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game (tm) Game
030-9FF-F72 Start with 4 lives
090-9FF-F72 Start with 10 lives
0C0-9FF-F72 Start with 13 lives
000-0E8-19E Infinite lives
049-498-E6E Start with 5 coins
099-498-E6E Start with 10 coins
199-498-E6E Start with 20 coins
00F-1BF-E6E Infinite coins
500-97F-194 Start 1st life with 5 energy points
F00-97F-194 Start 1st life with 15 energy points
500-138-194 Start with 5 points of energy--after
1st life
F00-138-194 Start with 15 points of energy--after
1st life
Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game is a trademark of Technos Japan

Extra Bases (tm) Game
000-0BE-3BA Outs aren't counted
000-7AB-3BA Strikes aren't counted
000-8BB-3BA Balls aren't counted
*=Can switch on/off
00B-91A-19A *Opponents can't score (switch off
when you're batting so you can
01F-D6F-E66 *One strike and you're out
02F-D6F-E66 *2 strikes and you're out
01F-F0F-E66 *1 out and side is retired
02F-F0F-E66 *2 outs and side is retired
01F-C0F-F7A *1 ball and you walk
02F-C0F-F7A *2 balls and you walk
Extra Bases is a trademark of Namco Ltd.

Final Fantasy Legend (tm) Game
Human Male codes only. Make your own changes to these codes to
create a
super strong character! (See instructions.)
011-238-C4A Start with 1 strength point
051-238-C4A Start with 5 strength points
021-248-E6E Start with 2 defense points
061-248-E6E Start with 6 defense points
031-258-F7A Start with 3 agility points
071-258-F7A Start with 7 agility points
041-268-E6A Start with 4 mana points
081-268-E6A Start with 8 mana points
012-588-19A Start with 1 hit point
052-588-19A Start with 5 hit points
Final Fantasy Legend is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Final Fantasy Legend 2 (tm) Game
Make your own changes to these codes to create a super strong
character! (See
098-E28-086 Start with 9 hit points
098-E68-E66 Start with 9 defense points
098-E78-E66 Start with 9 mana points
098-E58-F7E Start with 9 agility points
098-E48-F72 Start with 9 strength points
09E-818-2A2 Start with 9 swords--if your
character can start with swords
005-96F-08B + 005-9CF-08B All characters start with 15,163
points (shows only 999)
Final Fantasy Legend 2 is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

The Flash (tm)
015-9CF-E66 Start with 1 life
065-9CF-E66 Start with 6 lives
4C5-A1F-D54 Start with 1/2 surge power
245-A6F-C4B Start with 1/2 energy
003-A8F-E69 Infinite lives
00A-85F-E6D Infinite energy--except against
exploding bombs
00D-B6C-3BE Infinite time--switch off at end of
each stage to go on
The Flash is a trademark of DC Comics Inc.

George Foreman's KO Boxing (tm) Game
3E9-CBE-4CA Infinite energy (display still goes
down)--don't switch off
001-89E-E6E Infinite time
3E7-EEE-08A Infinite super punch
George Foreman's KO Boxing is a trademark of Acclaim
Entertainment, Inc.

Home Alone 2 (tm) Game
056-6FE-E66 Start with 5 lives
066-6FE-E66 Start with 6 lives
007-82E-19E Infinite lives
007-E9E-19E Infinite hits unless picked up by
006-75E-08B Get 111,111 points instantly
Home Alone 2 is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film

Hook (tm) Game (1 More Code)
Already in some codebooks
3DC-FDD-3BE Infinite lives
Hook is a trademark of Tri-Star Pictures, Inc.

The Incredible Crash Dummies (tm) Game
022-A9F-F7E Start with 2 lives
042-A9F-F7E Start with 4 lives
082-A9F-F7E Start with 8 lives
001-3EC-E6E Infinite time
021-3E6-E6E Faster timer
00B-00A-195 Don't lose money when you go
through fire
851-49C-E64 More cash for each hit
The Incredible Crash Dummies is a trademark of Tyco Industries, Inc.

Miner 2049er (tm) Game
026-9ED-E66 Start with 2 lives
046-9ED-E66 Start with 4 lives
086-9ED-E66 Start with 8 lives
002-239-E6E Infinite time
002-3DB-E6E Infinite lives
039-CAF-E6A Nasties are invincible
Miner 2049er is a trademark of Bill Hogue.

Motocross Maniacs (tm) Game
FAD-CDE-4C1 Infinite tires on pick-up
FAD-C7E-4C1 Infinite jet on pick-up
00D-22D-E6E Infinite time
02D-22D-E6E Faster timer
079-E4F-F7A Start with 7 nitros
FA0-1ED-4C1 + 009-88E-B30 Super fast bike
Motocross Maniacs is a trademark of Ultra Software Corporation.

Out of Gas (tm) Game
021-ACF-E66 Start with 2 lives
041-ACF-E66 Start with 4 lives
081-ACF-E66 Start with 8 lives
AF8-ECE-191 Collect only 1 canister to complete
each stage
FA5-DDF-4C1 Infinite lives
Out of Gas is a trademark of Fujisankei Communications
International, Inc.

Paperboy 2 (tm) Game
Already in some codebooks
*=1st life only
0FC-C6C-C42 *Start with 15 papers
14C-C6C-C42 *Start with 20 papers
0AA-E6C-F7E Start with 10 lives--Paperboy
14A-E6C-F7E Start with 20 lives--Paperboy
004-C09-3BE Infinite papers
006-91B-3BE Infinite lives
007-0CB-F72 Go on to next day after completing
Paperboy 2 is a trademark of Atari Games Corporation.

Spanky's Quest (tm) Game
00B-96D-E62 Start with 1 life
05B-96D-E62 Start with 6 lives
08B-96D-E62 Start with 9 lives
000-60E-19E Infinite lives
074-1ED-E6A Mega ball power-ups--hit it with your
head once for full power
*=Start only on tower 1; when you arrive at chosen stage, switch off
to go on to
next stage
3ED-68D-C45 + 04D-69D-3B6 *Start on tower 1, stage 5
3ED-68D-C45 + 09D-69D-3B6 *Start on tower 1, stage 10
3ED-68D-C45 + 0FD-69D-3B6 *Start on tower 1, last stage
Spanky's Quest is a trademark of Natsume Inc.

Super Mario Land (tm) Game (2 More Codes)
These codes already appear in some Codebooks.
00A-17B-C49 Always have power ball
008-60A-E6E Infinite time--switch off at end of
stage to go on
Super Mario Land is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Super Off-Road (tm) Game
02B-87F-E66 Start with 2 credits
04B-87F-E66 Start with 4 credits
08B-87F-E66 Start with 8 credits
FAD-A2B-4C1 Infinite money
003-3AD-3BE Infinite tires, nitros, etc. when you
buy them
Super Off-Road is a trademark of Tradewest, Inc.

Sword of Hope (tm) Game
001-72B-F75 Infinite hit points
09A-BFD-F7E Start with 11 dexterity points
09A-C4D-F7E 12 stamina points
F04-A0C-6E9 Shaman is free
F0A-3CC-6E9 Forest shop is free
Sword of Hope is a trademark of Kemco.

T2 The Arcade Game (tm) Game
F0C-9DD-6E9 Infinite energy
023-46F-F7E Start with 2 lives
043-46F-F7E Start with 4 lives
083-46F-F7E Start with 8 lives
F0C-ABD-6E9 Infinite lives
FA4-B8E-4C1 Infinite rockets
FAD-5CE-4C1 Infinite continues
T2 The Arcade Game is a trademark of Carolco Pictures Inc.

Tetris (tm) Game (More Codes)
Already in some codebooks
CEC-30E-C45 Keep stack displayed while paused
D9C-53E-D5D Keep current and next pieces displayed while paused
*=Codes are switchable; switch on when you need the piece of your
choice. Pieces are numbered 1 to 7, so write down which number stands for
which piece
000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 000-65D-087 *Only piece 1 will appear
000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 040-65D-087 *Only piece 2 will appear
000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 080-65D-087 *Only piece 3 will appear
000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 0C0-65D-087 *Only piece 4 will appear
000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 100-65D-087 *Only piece 5 will appear
000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 140-65D-087 *Only piece 6 will appear
000-63D-6E9 + 3E0-64D-5D0 + 180-65D-087 *Only piece 7 will appear
Tetris is a trademark of V/O Electronorgtechnica (Elorg).

Track & Field (tm) Game
3E7-7FD-4CA + 007-80D-E6E Always have 100% power
45D-999-E68 Max angle on long jump
45A-1EA-E68 Max angle on javelin
454-D1A-E68 Max angle on triple jump
Track & Field is a trademark of Konami Inc.

Wave Race (tm) Game
002-40E-19A No turbo boost
002-CAE-19E Infinite turbo boost
3E9-65B-6EA + 029-66B-E66 + 009-67B-5D4 Start with 800cc bike
3E9-65B-6EA + 019-66B-E66 + 009-67B-5D4 Start with 650cc bike
003-B7A-6E2 No lap timer
Wave Race is a trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc.

Alien 3 (tm) Game
1 FA7-68E-4C1 Almost infinite energy
2 04B-27E-E66 Start with 4 tries
3 06B-27E-E66 Start with 6 tries
4 0AB-27E-E66 Start with 10 tries
5 FA6-92E-4C1 Infinite tries
6 8E4-42D-195 Start with 1/2 energy
7 00F-9CD-E65 Infinite shots per clip on pick-up
8 FAB-45D-4C1 Infinite magazine clips on pick-up
9 32A-3CA-19A 50 shots per magazine clip
10 4BA-3CA-19A 75 shots per magazine clip
11 64A-3CA-19A 100 shots per magazine clip
Alien 3 is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Blades of Steel(tm) Game
1 011-65B-6EA Set length of game to 1:00
2 031-65B-6EA Set length of game to 3:00
3 091-65B-6EA Set length of game to 9:00
4 007-938-19A Opponent's energy doesn't go up again and
yours does
5 FA7-9F8-4C1 Invincible in fights
6 035-B6A-F7E 3 penalty shots in shoot-out
7 055-B6A-F7E 5 penalty shots in shoot-out
8 095-B6A-F7E 9 penalty shots in shoot-out
Blades of Steel is a trademark of Konami Inc.

Blues Brothers(tm) Game
1 050-15B-E62 Start with 5 lives
2 070-15B-E62 Start with 7 lives
3 090-15B-E62 Start with 9 lives
4 00A-F29-3B7 Infinite energy
5 033-7CF-E62 Start with 3 encores (continues)
6 073-7CF-E62 Start with 7 encores
7 093-9CF-E62 Start with 9 encores
8 FA8-05F-4C1 Infinite encores
The Blues Brothers is a trademark of Broadway Video Inc. and/or NBC

Cyraid(tm) Game
1 00D-8CB-E6E Infinite lives
2 04E-7CE-F7E Start with 4 lives
3 06E-7CE-F7E Start with 6 lives
4 09E-7CE-F7E Start with 9 lives
5 000-729-E6E 1st nasty on bottom level of stage 1 is
removed from the game
6 AFA-4EE-19E Collect only 1 energy capsule and all enemy
robots are destroyed—can proceed to next room
7 3EE-8AF-4CA + 03E-8BF-F7E Skip to 3rd room after
completing 1st
8 3EE-8AF-4CA + 05E-8BF-F7E Skip to 5rd room after
completing 1st
9 3EE-8AF-4CA + 08E-8BF-F7E Skip to 8rd room after
completing 1st
Cyraid is a trademark of Nexoft Corporation.

Double Dribble 5 on 5(tm) Game
1 00B-8CF-E6E Infinite time
2 00D-64F-6E2 No computer scoring
3 04C-E2F-E6E Game lasts only 1 quarter—goes straight to
4th quarter
4 FFA-0BE-E66 When selecting skill level, keep pressing
down on control panel. Bleeping will continue, and computer will
become more and more skillful
Double Dribble 5 on 5 is a trademark of Konami Industry Co., Ltd.

Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 Flying Warriors(tm) Game
Action game codes:
1 057-24E-E66 Start with 5 lives
2 097-24E-E66 Start with 9 lives
3 0F7-24E-E66 Start with 15 lives
4 008-D7E-19E Infinite lives
5 3D7-3CE-19A Infinite energy
Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 Flying Warriors is a trademark of Culture
Brain USA, Inc.

Hit the Ice (tm) Game
1 00A-54E-E6E Infinite timer
2 02A-54E-E6E Faster timer
3 002-97D-3BA Infinite super shots
4 012-99D-C42 Only 1 super shot allowed
5 052-99D-C42 5 super shots allowed
6 0A2-99D-C42 10 super shots allowed
7 011-F6B-F7E 1-minute periods--vs. mode
8 021-F6B-F7E 2-minute periods--vs. mode
9 0A1-F6B-F7E 10-minute periods--vs. mode
10 004-39B-E6E Neither team can score
11 0A1-97E-6EA 10 seconds in short race
12 0F1-97E-6EA 15 seconds in short race
13 051-97E-6EA 5 seconds in short race
Hit the Ice is a trademark of Taito Corporation.

Humans(tm) Game
1 06D-609-D5A Start with 6 humans
2 09D-609-D5A Start with 9 humans
3 0FD-609-D5A Start with 15 humans
4 FA3-E9F-4C1 Infinite humans
5 FA9-B7C-4C1 Infinite timer
Humans is a trademark of Gametek, Inc.

In Your Face (tm) Game
1 004-E9E-6E6 Computer can't score--when it scores, you
the points
2 C38-AAF-E61 Opponents are frozen--2-on-2 game
3 05A-08E-80F 5-second game
4 0AA-08E-80F 10-second game
5 20A-08E-80F 20-second game
In Your Face is a trademark of Jaleco USA, Inc.

Jetsons (tm) Game
1 04F-16C-E66 Start with 4 lives
2 07F-16C-E66 Start with 7 lives
3 09F-16C-E66 Start with 9 lives
4 00F-C7F-E6E Infinite lives
5 009-088-3B7 Infinite energy--some robots can't be killed
(switch off to fight them)
6 09F-1EC-F7E Max collectible energy
7 012-A7B-E62 Capped robots on first Elroy stage take 1 hit
to kill
8 082-A7B-E62 Capped robots on first Elroy stage take 8 hits
to kill

Jordan vs. Bird One on One(tm) Game
1 007-06D-E6E Infinite time of possession—1-on-1 game
2 08D-D67-7FA 8 seconds of possession—1-on-1 game
3 0AD-E67-7FA 10 seconds of possession—1-on-1 game
4 0FD-D67-7FA 15 seconds of possession—1-on-1 game
5 007-48D-E6E No timer
6 056-72D-E62 + 056-81D-E62 5 points on 3-point shots
7 086-72D-E62 + 086-81D-E62 8 points on 3-point shots
8 0C6-72D-E62 + 0C6-81D-E62 12 points on 3-point shots
9 056-A1D-E6E + 056-ADD-E62 5 points on 2-point shots
10 086-A1D-E6E + 086-ADD-E62 8 points on 2-point shots
11 0C6-A1D-E6E + 0C6-ADD-E62 12 points on 2-point shots
Jordan vs. Bird One on One is a trademark of Electronic Arts.

Malibu Beach Volleyball (tm) Game
1 00F-0CA-E6D Computer can't score a point--if score is 0-
makes you change court alot
2 00D-0EA-E6E + 00D-E0A-E6E You always serve
3 03D-AAB-F7A Easier to score
Malibu Beach Volleyball is a trademark of Activision.

Mousetrap Hotel(tm) Game
1 043-38F-E62 Start with 4 lives
2 063-38F-E62 Start with 6 lives
3 083-38F-E62 Start with 8 lives
4 FA2-0CD-4C1 Infinite lives
5 FA6-E9F-4C1 + FA6-DAF-4C1 Collect cookie for
invincibility against balls, etc.
Mousetrap Hotel is a trademark of Hasbro Inc.

Nintendo World Cup(tm) Game
1 00E-2D8-19A Computer can't score
2 00D-2C8-E6E No timer
3 01C-DD8-E66 1:59 each half
4 04C-DD8-E66 4:59 each half
5 06C-DD8-E66 6:59 each half
6 09C-DD8-E66 9:59 each half
Nintendo World Cup is a trademark of Nintendo.

Parodius(tm) Game
1 05A-93D-E66 Start with 5 lives
2 08A-93D-E66 Start with 8 lives
3 0BA-93D-E66 Start with 11 lives
4 FA3-C6C-4C1 Infinite lives
5 FAB-5D8-4C1 Infinite super shields once collected
6 FFB-D3D-E6A + FFB-D6D-E6A Start with super shields and
triple firing
Parodius is a trademark of

Robocop 2 (tm) Game--Alternate Codes

1 C95-9CE-C49 Infinite energy on scrolling levels
2 AF4-D9A-3B7 Infinite energy on ED-209 (tm) levels
3 02A-E8E-F7A Start with 2 lives
4 05A-E8E-F7A Start with 5 lives
5 B60-C2D-3BE Infinite lives
6 C95-48E-C49 Infinite time--except stages 3 and 8
1 010-17B-2AA Start with 1 energy
2 060-17B-2AA Start with 6 energy
3 090-17B-2AA Start with 9 energy
4 FA9-CAE-4C1 Infinite energy
5 00C-50D-3BE Infinite time
6 011-D8E-6EA Start with 1 shotgun shot
7 061-D8E-6EA Start with 6 shotgun shots
8 091-D8E-6EA Start with 9 shotgun shots
9 FAB-4DE-4C1 Infinite shots
10 005-15F-A22 No men in windows
RoboCop 2 and ED-209 are trademarks of Orion Pictures Corporation.

Serpent (tm) Game
Add codes 1 and 4 for a new type of game.
1 057-C9D-E6A Start with 5 missiles
2 087-C9D-E6A Start with 8 missiles
3 0F7-C9D-E6A Start with 15 missiles
4 00F-B0E-E69 Infinite missiles on pick-up
5 157-C6D-4CA Start with smaller tail
6 407-C6D-4CA Start with longer tail
Serpent is a trademark of Taxan USA Corporation.

Simpsons (tm): Bart Vs the Juggernauts (tm) Game
1 023-5B9-F76 Start on week 2
2 033-5B9-F76 Start on week 3
3 043-5B9-F76 See end sequence
4 008-A6F-3B7 Infinite time on all games
5 0A6-EB9-4C2 Always qualify with enough
Capt. Lance Murdock's Skateboard Bash & Crash (tm) Codes:
6 01E-A89-F76 Start with 1 life
7 02E-A89-F76 Start with 2 lives
8 FAF-829-4C1 Infinite lives
Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Bop 'till You Drop (tm) Code:
9 FA8-F38-4C1 No hits against you
Herman's Military Minefield Mayhem (tm) Codes:
10 FAB-F28-4C1 Infinite hits
11 FA2-848-4C1 Infinite runs
Kwik-E-Mart Doggie Dodge (tm) Codes:
12 FA2-279-4C1 Infinite chances
13 03D-89A-916 Start with 3 lives
14 06D-89A-916 Start with 6 lives
15 09D-89A-916 Start with 9 lives
The Simpsons (tm): Bart Vs the Juggernauts, Capt. Lance Murdock's
Skateboard Bash & Crash, Springfield Nuclear Power Plant Bop 'till
You Drop, Herman's Military Minefield Mayhem and Kwik-E-Mart
Doggie Dodge are trademarks of Twentieth Century Fox Film

Spot the Cool Adventure(tm) Game
1 045-76D-F7A Start with 4 lives
2 065-76D-F7A Start with 6 lives
3 095-76D-F7A Start with 9 lives
4 0F5-76D-F7A Start with 15 lives
5 255-80D-E6A Start with 25 bonus discs
6 505-80D-E6A Start with 50 bonus discs
7 FA9-0AC-4C1 Infinite energy (hearts)—except when you fall
off screen
8 052-F7B-F7E Start with 5 energy (easy level)
9 082-F7B-F7E Start with 8 energy (easy level)
10 0A2-F7B-F7E Start with 10 energy (easy level)
11 055-7BD-E66 Start with 5 energy (hard level)
12 085-7BD-E66 Start with 8 energy (hard level)
13 0A2-7BD-E66 Start with 10 energy (hard level)
Spot the Cool Adventure is a trademark of The Seven-Up Company.

World Circuit Series(tm) Game
1 00C-A0E-19E No loss of speed on course you take your
finger from acceleration button
2 00A-E2E-3BE No loss of speed when you leave course—
except hitting walls
3 003-84F-3BE + C93-85F-E69 No qualifying timer
World Circuit Series is a trademark of Ultra Software Corporation.

Asteroids(tm) Game
1 013-15F-E66 Start with 1 life
2 053-15F-E66 Start with 5 lives
3 093-15F-E66 Start with 9 lives
4 003-83F-3BE Infinite lives
5 01C-B4D-F76 + 003-9CF-3BE Rocks go thru you unless you
from the middle
6 00A-7ED-3BA No extra rocks as you go up levels
Asteroids is a trademark of Atari Corporation.

Avenging Spirit(tm) Game
1 FA5-AFC-4C1 + FAE-C2D-4C1 Infinite energy except if
is used against you
2 FAE-B5D-4C1 Infinite “L” energy except against
3 0A3-2BC-B3A Start with 1/2 energy
4 053-2BC-B3A Start with 1/4 energy
5 0F3-2BC-B3A Start with 3/4 energy
*=Counter still says level 1; use for practice only--after finishing
level, you go back to level 2
6 029-B9C-E6E Start on level 2
7 049-B9C-E6E Start on level 4
8 069-B9C-E6E Start on level 6
Avenging Spirit is a trademark of Jaleco.

Bonk's Adventure(tm) Game
1 005-13B-F7D Infinite energy
2 007-99D-D5D Infinite lives
*=Not on continue
3 021-AFF-E66 + 001-B3F-5D4 *Start with 3 lives, 1st life
as Mad Bonk(tm)
4 021-AFF-E66 + 001-B3F-5D4 *Start 1st life as Turtle
5 071-AFF-E66 *Start with 8 lives
6 091-AFF-E66 *Start with 10 lives
Bonk's Adventure, Mad Bonk and Turtle Bonk are trademarks of
Hudson Soft USA, Inc.

Dig Dug(tm) Game
Dig Dug and New Dig Dug Codes:
*=Display still shows 3
1 06B-ACA-E66 *Start with 6 lives
2 09B-ACA-E66 *Start with 9 lives
3 02B-ACA-E66 *Start with 2 lives
4 004-50C-3BE When Pookas(tm) are partially
inflated, they don't shrink
5 046-D9C-E6E + 043-9ED-E6E + 047-8EB-E6E 1 pump
kills monster instantly
Dig Dug Codes Only:
6 008-1BB-19E Infinite lives
*=Display still says level 1
7 3EC-D9A-08A + 04C-DAA-E62 *Start on level 4
8 3EC-D9A-08A + 02C-DAA-E62 *Start on level 2
9 3EC-D9A-08A + 09C-DAA-E62 *Start on level 9
Dig Dug and Pookas are trademarks of Namco Ltd.

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge(tm) Game
1 004-58C-19E Don't lose speed when touching side
of track in qualifying round or race--hitting sign will slow you down
(if you accelerate fully, release A button and position car in middle
of track, it will steer itself)
2 000-22C-C49 When you crash with another car,
your speed won't drop to 0
3 00A-39B-E6E + 00A-1AB-E6E No qualifying timer
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge is a trademark of Acclaim
Entertainment, Inc.

Heavyweight Championship Boxing(tm) Game
1 00B-A4E-E6E No ring timer
2 AF6-E1B-19E No round increase
3 008-B2E-19E Juggle your power--can alter
power settings and give full
power in all categories
4 014-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 1
5 024-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 2
6 034-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 3
7 044-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 4
8 054-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 5
9 064-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 6
10 074-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 7
11 084-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 8
12 094-78F-E66 Start with punch, life and
speed at 9
13 994-78F-E66 Start with super power
Heavyweight Championship Boxing is a trademark of Activision.

Jeep Jamboree(tm) Game
1 3EC-62E-E68 + 01C-63E-19A Always finish in 1st place
2 799-D49-19F + 799-D79-19B Mega speed--stay at
constant high speed even when off course and hitting rocks
3 02B-F0A-E6E Race 1 lap shorter
4 03B-F0A-E6E Race 2 laps shorter
5 04B-F0A-E6E Race 3 laps shorter
Jeep Jamboree is a trademark of Chrysler Corporation.

Kirby's Dream Land(tm) Game
1 FA6-DBB-4C1 Infinite lives
2 FA4-63B-4C1 Infinite vitality bars except
against end-of-stage boss
3 021-BBF-F7E Start with 2 lives
4 051-BBF-F7E Start with 5 lives
5 091-BBF-F7E Start with 9 lives
6 021-C0F-F72 Start with 2 vitality bars
7 051-C0F-F72 Start with 5 vitality bars
8 091-C0F-F72 Start with 9 vitality bars
Kirby's Dream Land is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Mega Man 3(tm) Game
1 02B-17F-E66 Start with 2 lives
2 06B-17F-E66 Start with 6 lives
3 09B-17F-E66 Start with 9 lives
4 00C-099-3B7 Infinite energy
5 009-77C-E6E Laser barriers appear and
explode immediately on
Sparkman(tm) stage
6 019-53C-F76 Takes 1 hit to kill Merciless
7 0F9-53C-F76 Takes 15 hits to kill Merciless
Mega Man 3, Sparkman and Merciless Matt are trademarks of Capcom

Milon's Secret Castle(tm) Game
1 036-EA8-F7E Start with 3 energy bars
2 066-EA8-F7E Start with 6 energy bars
3 096-EA8-F7E Start with 9 energy bars
4 FAD-368-4C1 Protection against most
5 FA7-8F9-4C1 Infinite money on pick-up
6 3E7-138-081 + 627-148-DC5 + 007-158-915 Each $ box
is worth 99
7 FAC-FD8-4C1 + 3CC-A8A-5D4 Start with and keep
double shot and shield
Milon's Secret Castle is a trademark of Hudson Soft USA, Inc.

Prophecy Viking Child(tm) Game
1 034-A0F-E6E Start with 4 lives
2 064-A0F-E6E Start with 7 lives
3 094-A0F-E6E Start with 10 lives
4 FAE-04C-4C1 Infinite lives
5 FAD-F5C-4C1 Infinite energy
6 00D-9BD-19B Each coin gives lots of money
7 194-A5F-667 Start with 25 energy--1st life
8 324-A5F-667 Start with 50 energy--1st life
Prophecy Viking Child is a trademark of Imagitec Design.

Ren and Stimpy Show Space Cadet Adventures(tm)
1 01D-2EA-E62 Start with 2 life
2 05D-2EA-E62 Start with 6 lives
3 08D-2EA-E62 Start with 9 lives
4 F07-54E-6E9 Infinite lives
*=1st life only
5 04D-32A-E66 *Start with 5 energy
6 05D-32A-E66 *Start with 6 energy
7 06D-32A-E66 *Start with 7 energy
8 F07-33E-6E9 Infinite energy--except when you fall
into pits
*=Don't use together with first 3 lives codes
9 047-5CE-E66 Start with 4 energy--after 1st life
10 057-5CE-E66 Start with 5 energy--after 1st life
11 067-5CE-E66 Start with 6 energy--after 1st life
The Ren and Stimpy Show Space Cadet Adventures is a trademark of

Speedball 2(tm) Game
1 99D-CDB-F7A Get lots of money
2 FAA-E4C-4C1 Infinite money
3 00E-D99-3BE No timer
4 00C-30F-08B Opponents can't score any points except from
bounced stones; when they score a goal it is an earned goal
regardless of what end they score at
Speedball 2 is a trademark of The Bitmap Brothers.

Spiderman 2(tm) Game
1 FA6-FBE-4C1 Infinite lives
2 00F-78E-E66 Start with 1 life
3 04F-78E-E66 Start with 5 lives
4 09F-78E-E66 Start with 10 lives
5 FA6-C4E-4C1 Infinite energy
6 01F-5BE-195 Start with 1 energy point
9 016-EEE-195 1 energy point after life lost
10 FAD-F6E-4C1 Infinite web power
*=1st life only
11 04F-73E-B3A *Start with 4 web points
12 05F-73E-B3A *Start with 5 web points
13 09F-73E-B3A *Start with 9 web points
Spiderman 2 is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Star Hawk(tm) Game
1 FAA-2CF-4C1 Infinite lives
2 008-C0F-19E Inpenetrable shield
3 006-92F-F7D Infinite continues
4 FAF-15F-4C1 Keep power-ups when you die
5 081-C1F-E66 Start with 8 lives
6 0A1-C1F-E66 Start with 10 lives
7 0C1-C1F-E66 Start with 12 lives

Sumo Fighter(tm) Game
1 02B-AFA-E66 Start with 2 energy bars
2 05B-AFA-E66 Start with 5 energy bars
3 08B-AFA-E66 Start with 8 energy bars
4 FAE-C8A-4C1 Infinite energy
*=Not on continue
5 012-0BF-E62 *Start with 2 lives
6 042-0BF-E62 *Start with 5 lives
7 072-0BF-E62 *Start with 8 lives
8 092-06F-F7E When screen comes up asking
easy or hard level, press
'Down” 3x and press 'A'. You
can now play super hard mode
right away (makes display look
Sumo Fighter is a trademark of DTMC Inc.

Tecmo Bowl(tm) Game
Counter only shows up to 4 downs.
1 494-D6B-F7A Have 49 downs
2 054-D6B-F7A Have 5 downs
3 084-EFB-E6E 8 min. 30 sec. per quarter
4 064-EFB-E6E 6 min. 30 sec. per quarter
5 014-EFB-E6E 1 min. 30 sec. per quarter
6 00D-C9A-3BE Infinite time
Tecmo Bowl is a trademark of Tecmo, Inc.

Tennis Game
1 001-DAD-3BA Neither player scores points--
switch off to score
2 010-9CD-F76 1 game needed to win set
3 020-9CD-F76 2 games needed to win set
4 030-9CD-F76 3 games needed to win set
5 040-9CD-F76 4 games needed to win set
6 011-9AD-E66 1st point takes you to 40
7 021-9AD-E66 2nd point takes you to 40
8 000-99D-3BA + E00-74D-6E5 + E00-7ED-6E5 Neither
player can win game

Tom & Jerry(tm) Game
*=Not on continue
1 01F-7BB-E66 *Start with 1 life
2 05F-7BB-E66 *Start with 5 lives
3 008-54D-B3D Infinite lives
4 FAC-3FE-4C1 + FAC-43E-4C1 Infinite time
5 FA6-84B-4C1 Infinite balls once collected
6 00D-47D-3BA Infinite energy (may have to die once
7 110-67B-E6E Every time you collect one cheese
you get 11 (can't go over 100)
Tom & Jerry is a trademark of Turner Entertainment Co.

Universal Soldier(tm) Game
1 00A-5AF-3BE Infinite time
2 055-D1E-E66 Start with 5 lives
3 075-D1E-E66 Start with 7 lives
4 095-D1E-E66 Start with 9 lives
5 C93-EEF-E69 Infinite lives
6 056-ACE-E66 Start with 5 power lines
7 076-ACE-E66 Start with 7 power lines
8 096-ACE-E66 Start with 9 power lines
9 008-7AC-3BE Infinite energy
10 00C-50E-3BA + 00C-4BE-3BE Fewer enemies on each
Universal Soldier is a trademark of Carolco.

Yoshi(tm) Game
1 003-BBE-193 At random intervals, 1 block
comes down instead of 2
2 3EC-70D-081 + 06C-71D-2AC + 22C-72D-F71 When setup
screen appears, go to level
select, push right once to start
on level 6
3 3EC-70D-081 + 08C-71D-2AC + 22C-72D-F71 When setup
screen appears, go to level
select, push right once to start
on level 8
4 00C-71B-3BA No timer for game B
Yoshi is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Adventure Island II(tm) Game
006-DDB-E6E Infinite lives
000-6DB-E66 Start with 1 life
050-6DB-E66 Start with 6 lives
080-6DB-E66 Start with 9 lives
00E-28F-E6E No gradual loss of energy (i.e., no timer) but energy
can still be drained by obstacles and enemies
3C0-37B-5D4 Start with 1 of each power-up
00D-51A-E6E Once you collect any non-throwable object, you
can't lose it from menu
080-57B-E6E Start on level 1-4
Adventure Island II is a trademark of Hudson Soft USA, Inc.

Avenging Spirit(tm) Game
FA5-FAC-4C1 + FAE-C2D-4C1 Infinite E energy except if weapon
is used against you
FAE-B5D-4C1 Infinite L energy except against spikes
053-2BC-B3A Start with 1/4 energy
0A3-2BC-B3A Start with 1/2 energy
0F3-2BC-B3A Start with 3/4 energy
*Ignore counter
029-B9C-E6E *Start on level 2
049-B9C-E6E *Start on level 4
069-B9C-E6E *Start on level 6
Avenging Spirit is a trademark of Jaleco.

Bubble Bobble Part 2(tm) Game
AFE-33A-19E Kill 1 enemy to go to next level
FAB-CEE-4C1 Infinite hearts
3E8-39F-081 + 138-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D Start on round 20
3E8-39F-081 + 278-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D Start on round 40
3E8-39F-081 + 3B8-3AF-D5E + 008-3BF-E6D Start on round 60
015-5CE-E66 Start with 1 heart
065-5CE-E66 Start with 6 hearts
095-5CE-E66 Start with 9 hearts
C97-8AE-E66 No big bubbles appear
FA5-58E-4C1 + FAB-46E-4C1 + FAB-63E-4C1 Run into 1 enemy
and remain invincible for rest of game
Bubble Bobble Part 2 is a trademark of Taito Corporation.

Darkman(tm) Game
63F-91C-91A Start 1st life with mega-energy
0AF-91C-91A Start 1st life with 1/2 energy
636-40D-91A Start rest of lives with mega-energy
002-4DF-E66 Start with 1 life
072-4DF-E66 Start with 8 lives
014-DDF-E69 Infinite lives
005-97F-E6E Infinite time
909-ACA-E6B Start with 9 minutes
BA5-0FF-081 Infinite energy
Darkman is a trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc.

Goal(tm) Game
633-ECB-5DE Select time of up to 99 min. per half
FF5-5AA-CDE + FF5-5BA-C46 + FF5-5CA-CBE Player 2 is
fastest on the pitch
00A-DAB-19A No goals scored against you by computer
009-EFE-E6E Infinite timer
225-5BA-C46 Some teammates have a mega-kick
Goal is a trademark of Jaleco.

Joe & Mac(tm) Game
01A-81F-E66 Start with 1 life
06A-81F-E66 Start with 6 lives
09A-81F-E66 Start with 9 lives
002-37D-E6E Infinite lives
FAB-E9C-4C1 Infinite energy
3EA-89F-6E9 + 02A-8AF-7FD + E0A-8BF-2A9 Start on level 3
3EA-89F-6E9 + 05A-8AF-7FD + E0A-8BF-2A9 Start on level 6
3EA-89F-6E9 + 08A-8AF-7FD + E0A-8BF-2A9 Start on level 9
AFB-E8C-A2C Take one hit and lose life
00B-D8C-3B7 No extra energy from pick-ups
Joe & Mac is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc.

Kid Dracula(tm) Game
015-43F-E66 Start with 1 energy heart
055-43F-E66 Start with 5 energy hearts
005-4BF-E62 Start with 1 life
045-4BF-E62 Start with 5 lives
095-4BF-E62 Start with 10 lives
FAB-F5A-4C1 Infinite lives
030-CD8-E6E Start on level 3
050-CD8-E6E Start on level 5
008-13F-367 Walk thru enemies and still keep energy hearts
Kid Dracula is a trademark of Konami Co., Ltd.

The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening(tm) Game
FA0-999-4C1 Infinite energy
09C-56B-E6E + 09C-74A-E6E All items you get start at max
power--when you get an item, you must have a space open (either A
or B)
054-EE9-E6E Get 5 rupees for each single rupee
324-EE9-E6E Get 50 rupees for each single rupee
FF4-EE9-E6E Get 255 rupees for each single rupee
FAF-BDA-4C1 + FAF-B2A-4C1 Infinite rupees (rupees aren't
deducted for purchases you can afford)
The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening is a trademark of Nintendo of
America Inc.

Lethal Weapon(tm) Game
1E9-CEE-E6B Start with weapon energy on 1/2
FA6-01E-4C1 Infinite weapon energy
239-C3E-E6B Start with life energy on 1/2
FAA-1DD-4C1 + FAA-A5D-4C1 Infinite life energy--except
falling down holes
004-5BB-195 No enemies--can switch on/off
Lethal Weapon is a trademark of Warner Bros., a Time Warner
Entertainment Company.

Mortal Kombat(tm) Game
00C-B5E-3BE Infinite time
005-94C-B31 Player 1 is invincible
109-C7C-E6F Foot sweep does less damage
FF9-C7C-E6F Foot sweep does more damage
010-14B-F72 1 continue
050-14B-F72 5 continues
0A0-14B-F72 10 continues
002-96D-B31 Infinite continues
109-AFC-6EE Punches do less damage
FF9-AFC-6EE Punches do more damage
109-BFC-E6F Knees do less damage
FF9-BFC-E6F Knees do more damage
109-A7C-E60 Uppercuts do less damage
FF9-A7C-E60 Uppercuts do more damage
109-CFC-E6F Kicks to stomach do less damage
FF9-CFC-E6F Kicks to stomach do more damage
109-B7C-6E3 Kicks to face do less damage
FF9-B7C-6E3 Kicks to face do more damage
10A-17C-E6F Shoulder throws do less damage
FFA-17C-E6F Shoulder throws do more damage
10A-07C-A2F Sub-Zero(tm)'s slide does less damage
FFA-07C-A2F Sub-Zero's slide does more damage
10A-27C-6EF Sonya(tm)'s leg grab does less damage
FFA-27C-6EF Sonya's leg grab does more damage
10A-1FC-6EF Kano(tm)'s cannonball does less damage
FFA-1FC-6EF Kano's cannonball does more damage
10A-5FC-7F5 Rayden(tm)'s lightning does less damage
FFA-5FC-7F5 Rayden's lightning does more damage
Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero, Sonya, Kano and Rayden are trademarks of
Midway Manufacturing Company.

Mr. Do!(tm) Game
015-B2E-E66 Start with 1 life
065-B2E-E66 Start with 6 lives
095-B2E-E66 Start with 9 lives
FA7-28C-4C1 Infinite lives
3E8-2CE-191 + 098-2DE-C42 + 188-2EE-6EA Keep 1 map layout thru
game (still will progress from map to map, but layout stays the
235-6AC-6E2 + 214-78D-4C1 Start new game from level you
died on
Mr. Do! is a trademark of Universal Co., Ltd.

Nail 'N' Scale(tm) Game
004-B5F-F7A Start with 1 life
084-B5F-F7A Start with 9 lives
00B-7EF-E65 Infinite lives
Nail 'N' Scale is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc. and Imax Corp.

NFL Football(tm) Game
009-34A-E6E No game timer
AF1-EDE-E64 Computer can't score on its possessions
01F-59F-F72 Touchdown worth 1 point
05F-59F-F72 Touchdown worth 5 points
08F-59F-F72 Touchdown worth 8 points
NFL Football is a trademark of the National Football League.

Pinball Dreams(tm) Game
004-BAC-4CA + 004-BBC-B32 No tilt--shake the table as much
as you want
054-C7D-E62 Collect 2x bonus and get 6x bonus
018-1BF-E66 Start with 1 ball
048-1BF-E66 Start with 4 balls
078-1BF-E66 Start with 7 balls
098-1BF-E66 Start with 9 balls
008-18F-3BA Infinite balls
Pinball Dreams is a trademark of Gametek, Inc.

Pyramids Of Ra(tm) Game
FA5-8EB-4C1 Energy bar doesn't go down when you make a move
A2A-C48-6EC + 3CA-C68-19B + FAA-C38-4C1 Only 1 pt. of
energy per move on first attempt at each level (instead of 3)
641-AB4-E6E + 001-ACF-E6A Start on level 100
2C1-ABF-E6E + 011-ACF-E6A Start on level 300
F41-ABF-E6E + 011-ACF-E6A Start on level 500
Pyramids Of Ra is a trademark of Matchbox International, Ltd.

Raging Fighter(tm) Game
009-1FB-A22 Infinite timer
004-E0B-E6D + 007-1AE-3B7 Infinite energy
3EE-5BD-4C1 + 03E-5CD-4CB + 00E-5DD-E61 Start on level 4--1-
player tournament only
3EE-5BD-4C1 + 07E-5CD-4CB + 00E-5DD-E61 Start on final level--
1-player tournament only
3E1-F2A-4CA + 041-F3A-E62 + 771-F4A-3BA Experts only--go
to options, set difficulty--press Left 3 times (won't show anything),
then exit--you'll go to 4th level difficulty
10A-9AA-89C Start each fight with 10 seconds
50A-9AA-89C Start with 1/2 time
75A-9AA-89C Start with 3/4 time
Raging Fighter is a trademark of Konami, Inc.

Solar Striker(tm) Game
00C-D6F-3BE Infinite lives
015-D0F-E62 Start with 2 lives
055-D0F-E62 Start with 6 lives
095-D0F-E62 Start with 10 lives
025-0AF-E6E Start on stage 2
035-0AF-E6E Start on stage 3
045-0AF-E6E Start on stage 4
055-0AF-E6E Start on stage 5
065-0AF-E6E Start on stage 6
3EF-65E-191 + 04F-66E-F7E When you pick up a power-up, go
straight to max power
3EF-65E-191 + 0BF-66E-F7E Bullets are mega-powerful,
almost invisible, when you pick up a power-up
006-45E-C41 No loss of power-ups on dying
00D-EEF-3BA Stay on same level
Solar Striker is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Spider-Man 3(tm) Game
01E-3AD-B3A Need to shoot 1 enemy to clear level 1-1
723-ABD-195 Start 1st life with 1/2 energy
728-18E-195 Start lives after 1st with 1/2 energy
FA7-ECE-4C1 Infinite energy
FA8-25E-4C1 Infinite lives
FA7-6FB-4C1 Start 1st level with 1/2 time
FFE-2DD-B30 Start 1st level with 255 seconds on timer
Spider-Man 3 is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Spy vs Spy(tm) Game
002-D2A-3BE Infinite timer
046-9EE-C42 Both spies start with 4 energy
066-9EE-C42 Both spies start with 6 energy
086-9EE-C42 Both spies start with 8 energy
04D-84B-C42 After death, start with 4 energy--white spy
08D-84B-B42 After death, start with full energy--white spy
005-14B-3BE No loss of energy during fight--both spies
005-03B-80A Other spy's punches do not affect your energy
FA0-5CA-4C1 Walking over floor flowers doesn't affect your
00A-76B-E62 Traps do not affect energy--white spy
Spy vs Spy is a trademark of E.C. Publications, Inc.

Star Wars(tm) Game
C9B-5CC-3BE Infinite energy
00B-6AC-195 Infinite lives
04C-12C-C4A Start with 1/2 energy on all lives except 1st
013-B7F-E66 Start with 1 life
063-B7F-E66 Start with 6 lives
093-B7F-E66 Start with 9 lives
003-A2F-C42 No continues
143-A2F-C42 20 continues
FA2-F6E-4C1 Infinite continues
990-B7E-C4A More energy--1st life only
Star Wars is a trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

Top Gun Guts & Glory(tm) Game
FA4-249-4C1 Infinite missiles
008-599-F79 Infinite lives
01B-E4D-E66 Start with 1 life
05B-E4D-E66 Start with 5 lives
0AB-E4D-E66 Start with 10 lives
004-859-4C1 + 3E4-869-80C + 0A4-879-F7D Start on mission
10--ignore counter
Top Gun Guts & Glory is a trademark of Paramount Pictures.

Tumble Pop(tm) Game
FA5-BCD-4C1 Infinite lives
008-1CE-E66 Start with 1 life
058-1CE-E66 Start with 6 lives
088-1CE-E66 Start with 9 lives
028-8AE-E66 Only have 2 min. to complete each screen
058-8AE-E66 Only have 5 min. to complete each screen
0A8-8AE-E66 Only have 10 min. to complete each screen
058-17E-E6A Start across river from original position
FF8-17E-E6A Start at island castle
00E-68D-3BE Hold enemies inside gun as long as you want
Tumble Pop is a trademark of Data East USA, Inc.

Ultima Runes Of Virtue(tm) Game
FA5-F3F-4C1 + FA4-00C-4C1 Infinite energy
FAB-5BF-4C1 Infinite money
Shamino codes only--can't use with Journey Onward option:
106-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 10
306-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 30
506-2B8-B3E Start with dexterity of 50
106-2C8-B3E Start with strength of 10
306-2C8-B3E Start with strength of 30
506-2C8-B3E Start with strength of 50
106-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 10
306-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 30
506-2F8-B3E Start with IQ of 50
155-658-2AA Start with 15 coins
405-658-2AA Start with 40 coins
605-658-2AA Start with 60 coins
FAC-0AF-4C1 No energy replacement
Ultima Runes Of Virtue is a trademark of Origin Systems, Inc. and
Richard Garriott.

WordZap(tm) Game
01B-C9E-F7A Start with only 1 hint
05B-C9E-F7A Start with 5 hints
09B-C9E-F7A Start with 9 hints
01B-CEE-E66 Start with 1 chance
09B-CEE-E66 Start with 9 chances
008-70F-3BE Infinite hints
WordZap is a trademark of Michael F.C. Crick.

Zen Intergalactic Ninja(tm) Game
01A-3ED-F7E Instant staff power-up--just hold down B
015-91F-E66 Start with only 1 life
055-91F-E66 Start with 5 lives
0A5-91F-E66 Start with 10 lives
FA9-6DE-4C1 Infinite lives
FA1-B1A-4C1 No energy loss against fire
FAF-DAD-4C1 No energy loss against hang-on enemies
FA3-36B-4C1 + FA2-A4B-4C1 Infinite energy aganst bullets and
most enemies
051-668-C42 Start lives with 1/2 energy
071-668-C42 Start each life with 7 energy points
Zen Intergalactic Ninja is a trademark of Zen Comics, Inc.

All-Star Challenge 2(tm) Game
095-FB9-7FA + 093-3DD-7FA + 095-C49-7FA Shot clock for
human player is 9 sec.--1-on-1
006-5E9-E6E Infinite time
111-1FD-E66 + 111-18D-E6D Computer's 3-pt. shots worth
17 points
191-1FD-E66 Computer's 3-pt. shots worth
25 points
36E-F7D-191 + 096-F8D-F7A Computer makes almost all
341-15D-3B2 + 001-16D-E6D Computer can't score against
All-Star Challenge 2 is a trademark of LJN, Ltd.

Boggle Plus(tm) Game
005-AFD-E6E Infinite time
016-BCD-E66 1-minute game
056-BCD-E66 5-minute game
096-BCD-E66 9-minute game
D48-82A-E61 Can re-use shaded letters
30E-A9A-4CA Can select any letter on the
board--letters don't have to be
next to each other
Codes for “Boggle(tm)” game option:
*=Words under 3 letters allowed but won't be recognized by
dictionary. Press “A” at end of game to accept 1- or 2- letter words
01B-4CA-E66 *1- and 2-letter words
04B-4CA-E66 Min. word length 4 letters
Codes for the “Big Boggle(tm)” game option:
01B-8FA-F7A *1- to 3-letter words allowed
05B-8FA-F7A Min. word length 5 letters
Boggle Plus, Boggle and Big Boggle are trademarks of Parker

Daedalian Opus(tm) Game
3E1-9AF-191 + 0A1-9BF-7FA Get password to select any
level after completing level 1
3E1-9CF-2AA + 051-9DF-F7E Start on level 5 or 6 after
completing level 1
00D-62D-3BA Infinite time
Daedalian Opus is a trademark Vic Tokai Inc.

Disney's Darkwing Duck(tm) Game
01A-0BF-C4D Infinite lives
011-84F-F7A Start with 1 pt. of energy and 1
life--1st game
051-84F-F7A Start with 5 pts. of energy on
1st life and 5 lives--1st game
091-84F-F7A Start with 9 pts. of energy on
1st life and 9 lives--1st game
019-F0F-F7A Start with 1 pt. of energy after
1st life
059-F0F-F7A Start with 5 pts. of energy
after 1st life
099-F0F-F7A Start with 9 pts. of energy
after 1st life
FAD-398-4C1 Infinite ammo on pick-up
010-6FB-A2B 1 touch by an enemy kills you
AA0-64B-A2B Invincibility time lasts 4 sec.
FF0-64B-A2B Invincibility time lasts 6 sec.
Disney's Darkwing Duck is a trademark of Disney.

F-15 Strike Eagle(tm) Game
0A3-88C-912 Start with 10 sidewinders
323-88C-912 Start with 50 sidewinders
5A3-88C-912 Start with 90 sidewinders
0A3-8DC-D56 Start with 10 mavericks
323-8DC-D56 Start with 50 mavericks
5A3-8DC-D56 Start with 90 mavericks
0A3-92C-80A Start with 10 E.C.M.
323-92C-80A Start with 50 E.C.M.
5A3-92C-80A Start with 90 E.C.M.
023-9BC-E66 + 013-9AC-6EA Start with 513 bullets
083-9BC-E66 + 013-9AC-6EA Start with 2049 bullets
103-9BC-E66 + 013-9AC-6EA Start with 4097 bullets
FAA-52D-4C1 Infinite bullets
FA8-EEF-4C1 Infinite sidewinders
FA8-ABF-4C1 Infinite mavericks
013-BCC-E62 Fly very slowly
093-BCC-E62 Fly at supersonic speed
FA8-5BF-4C1 Infinite E.C.M.
F-15 Strike Eagle is a trademark of MicroProse Software Inc.

Final Fantasy Legend III(tm) Game
FFA-928-E6A + FF8-918-2A2 + FF8-938-2A2 Set initial power
to mega-power
Final Fantasy Legend III is a trademark of Square Co., Ltd.

High Stakes(tm) Game
00C-ADB-3BE + 006-6BA-3BE Once you've collected an item
from Shady(tm), can't lose it--
blackjack mission 1 only
00B-B1E-A22 Betting and cheat tokens cost 0
*=Beginning display shows $50,000
628-D8F-E65 *Start with 1/2 money
FF8-D8F-E65 *Start with over $65,000
3E0-B0B-081 + 000-B2B-E61 No limit to how much you can
buy of each item from
High Stakes and Shady are trademarks of Electro Brain Corp.

The Little Mermaid(tm) Game
018-96F-E66 Start with 1 energy pt.
058-96F-E66 Start with 5 energy pts.
088-96F-E66 Start with 8 energy pts.
C98-22E-3BE Infinite energy
017-F1F-E66 Start with 2 lives
057-F1F-E66 Start with 6 lives
097-F1F-E66 Start with 10 lives
00C-79F-3BE Infinite lives
018-07F-195 Start on level 2
028-07F-195 Start on level 3
038-07F-195 Start on level 4
048-07F-195 Start on level 5
058-07F-195 Start on level 6
068-07F-195 See end-of-game credits
The Little Mermaid is a trademark of The Walt Disney Company.

Nobunaga's Ambition(tm) Game
You must be Oda Nobunaga(tm) for these codes to work:
3EF-9FB-191 Train samurais once and they
have 100 % skill level
4B1-5AA-2A2 Start with 75 loyalty pts.
641-5AA-2A2 Start with 100 loyalty pts.
321-56A-80E Start with 50 town value pts.
4B1-56A-80E Start with 75 town value pts.
641-56A-80E Start with 100 town value pts.
321-5CA-D56 Start with 50 castle defense
4B1-5CA-D56 Start with 75 castle defense
641-5CA-D56 Start with 100 castle defense
4B1-5BA-2A2 Start with flood control level
at 75
641-5BA-2A2 Start with flood control level
at 100
0AE-B6B-B3A + 0AE-B9B-E6A Start with 2580 rice pts.
03E-B6B-B3A + 03E-B9B-E6A Start with 788 rice pts.
01E-B6B-B3A + 01E-B9B-E6A Start with 276 rice pts.
0AE-B6B-D56 + 0AE-B7B-E6A Start with 999 gold
3E5-7EA-191 Attributes for Oda Nobunaga
are 100% (will show original
values, answer no when asked
if this is OK--then attributes
will be 100%)
Nobunaga's Ambition and Oda Nobunaga are trademarks of Koei

Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt(tm) Game
012-17F-F7E Start with 1 life
0A2-17F-F7E Start with 10 lives
AF3-DEE-7F1 + 3C3-DFE-916 + 7D3-E1E-197 When game begins, go
thru any door, enter secret
bonus room--switch off to
leave room
FAA-DCF-4C1 Lose 1 heart to become
01F-E98-E66 Start each life with 1 energy
05F-E98-E66 Start each life with 5 energy
FA4-28F-4C1 Infinite lives
009-11C-E6D Infinite hearts
Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt is a trademark of Paramount Pictures.

Radar Mission(tm) Game
Game B Codes:
011-E0D-E66 Start with 1 money bag
041-E0D-E66 Start with 1 extra money bag
003-33D-3BE Infinite money
003-CCA-3BE Move in 1 direction only
00C-C6A-3BE Destroyed fleet disappears
from radar screen but game
doesn't end
Radar Mission is a trademark of Nintendo of America, Inc

Rescue of Princess Blobette(tm) Game
02B-CA8-F7E Start with 2 lives
04B-CA8-F7E Start with 4 lives
08B-CA8-F7E Start with 8 lives
000-56D-E6E Infinite jellybeans
00D-4FD-3BE Infinite lives
02C-0E8-E66 Start with 2 honeys
04C-0E8-E66 Start with 4 honeys
08C-0E8-E66 Start with 8 honeys
02C-0C8-E6A Start with 2 root beers
04C-0C8-E6A Start with 4 root beers
02C-0A8-F72 Start with 2 tangerines
04C-0A8-F72 Start with 4 tangerines
02C-088-F7E Start with 2 vanillas
04C-088-F7E Start with 4 vanillas
02C-068-E6A Start with 2 limes
04C-068-E6A Start with 4 limes
02C-048-E6E Start with 2 apples
04C-048-E6E Start with 4 apples
02C-028-E6A Start with 2 bananas
04C-028-E6A Start with 4 bananas
02C-008-E6A Start with 2 colas
04C-008-E6A Start with 4 colas
02B-FE8-E66 Start with 2 coconuts
04B-FE8-E66 Start with 4 coconuts
02B-FC8-E6A Start with 2 strawberries
04B-FC8-E6A Start with 4 strawberries
02B-FA8-E62 Start with 2 licorices
04B-FA8-E62 Start with 4 licorices
02C-108-E6E Start with 2 ketchups
04C-108-E6E Start with 4 ketchups
02C-128-E6A Start with 2 punches
04C-128-E6A Start with 4 punches
02C-148-E6A Start with 2 mints
04C-148-E6A Start with 4 mints
The Rescue of Princess Blobette is a trademark of Absolute
Entertainment Inc.

Rolan's Curse (tm) Game
025-F5E-F7A Start with 2 energy pts.
065-F5E-F7A Start with 6 energy pts.
F0C-96C-6E9 Infinite energy
Rolan's Curse is a trademark of American Sammy Corporation.

Snoopy's Magic Show(tm) Game
3E7-3FD-4C1 + 027-40D-087 + 007-41D-E65 Start on level 2
3E7-3FD-4C1 + 057-40D-087 + 007-41D-E65 Start on level 5
3E7-3FD-4C1 + 097-40D-087 + 007-41D-E65 Start on level 9
108-49A-E6B Start with 22 sec.
3F8-49A-E6B Start with 63 sec.
648-49A-E6B Start with 100 sec.
Snoopy's Magic Show is a trademark of United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

Speedy Gonzalez(tm) Game
00A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 1 life
06A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 7 lives
09A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 10 lives
*=After entering code, select password option on title screen, enter
500999 to begin on zone in code
024-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Forest Zone
034-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Desert Zone
044-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in County Zone
054-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Cheese Island Zone
FAC-A9B-4C1 Infinite lives
FA9-40B-4C1 Infinite time
00D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 1
06D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 7
09D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 10
05E-F6C-C4E Start with 1/2 time
07E-F6C-C4E Start with 3/4 time
Speedy Gonzalez is a trademark of Warner Bros.

Star Trek: The Next Generation(tm) Game
FA4-27D-4C1 Infinite shields
001-13D-3BA Damage isn't repaired
001-15D-6E7 Damage repaired immediately
19E-169-7FB Life support starts at 25%
32E-169-7FB Life support starts at 50%
4BE-169-7FB Life support starts at 75%
19E-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 25% power
32E-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 50% power
4BE-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 75% power
19E-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 25%
32E-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 50%
4BE-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 75%
19E-229-7FB Shields start at 25% power
32E-229-7FB Shields start at 50% power
4BE-229-7FB Shields start at 75% power
19E-269-7FB Phasers(tm) start at 25%
32E-269-7FB Phasers start at 50% power
4BE-269-7FB Phasers start at 75% power
19E-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes(tm) start at
25% power
32E-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes start at 50%
4BE-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes start at 75%
19E-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 25% power
32E-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 50% power
4BE-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 75% power
19E-329-7FB Transporter starts at 25%
32E-329-7FB Transporter starts at 50%
4BE-329-7FB Transporter starts at 75%
Star Trek: The Next Generation, Phasers and Photon Torpedoes are
trademarks of Paramount Pictures.

Tetris 2(tm) Game
C98-E9A-081 No next piece screen
10D-649-F71 + 00D-629-081 + 3ED-639-B30 Blocks come
down fast
70D-649-F71 + 00D-629-081 + 3ED-639-B30 Blocks come
down very fast
20D-649-F71 + 00D-629-081 + 3ED-639-B30 Blocks come
down super fast
00A-4BA-A29 Can select round above 30 on
options screen
FA8-CB8-4C1 In versus mode, no blocks added
to top of screen
Tetris 2 is a trademark of Elorg.

Titus the Fox(tm) Game
013-D0A-F7E Start 1st life with 1 energy
093-D0A-F7E Start 1st life with 9 energy
011-CFD-F7E Start with 1 energy unit after
1st life
091-CFD-F7E Start with 9 energy units after
1st life
013-D5A-E66 Start with 1 life
063-D5A-E66 Start with 6 lives
093-D5A-E66 Start with 9 lives
009-6A9-3BE Infinite lives
00E-7D9-3BE Infinite energy until level 3
643-DCA-E6A Start 1st level with 100-pt.
FA3-DCA-E6A Start 1st level with 250-pt.
003-BAF-5D4 Start on level 1, part 2
002-739-3BE Infinite energy from level 3 on
Titus the Fox is a trademark of Titus Software Corp.


Please take note: Because of the way Wario Land uses battery backup
RAM, this cart will not work on some Game Genie/Game Boy
combinations. There is nothing we can do about this. If you think you
will not enjoy the experience of trying the codes and finding that
they do not work, then please do not try. (One thing that sometimes
helps is installing fresh batteries or using an adequate power


1. 10B-7D8-F7E Start with 10 lives
2. 25B-7D8-F7E Start with 25 lives
3. 50B-7D8-F7E Start with 50 lives
4. 99B-7D8-F7E Start with 99 lives
5. 00B-7E8-E6E Start as Small Wario(tm)
6. 02B-7E8-E6E Start as Bull Wario(tm)
7. 03B-7E8-E6E Start as Jet Wario(tm)
8. 04B-7E8-E6E Start as Dragon Wario(tm)
9. FAD-63F-4C1 Don't lose current power-up when you get hit or
get a new power-up (switchable)
10. 10B-7C8-E6A Start with 10 hearts
11. 25B-7C8-E6A Start with 25 hearts
12. 50B-7C8-E6A Start with 50 hearts
13. 99B-7C8-E6A Start with 99 hearts
14. 10B-7B8-E6A Start with 10 coins
15. 25B-7B8-E6A Start with 25 coins
16. 50B-7B8-E6A Start with 50 coins
17. 99B-7B8-E6A Start with 99 coins
18. 01B-7F8-E6A Start on course 26
19. 103-E4F-E6E Get 10 hearts for killing an enemy
20. 253-E4F-E6E Get 25 hearts for killing an enemy
21. 503-E4F-E6E Get 50 hearts for killing an enemy
22. 993-E4F-E6E Get 99 hearts for killing an enemy
23. 003-AAB-E62 + C96-C0C-4C1 Most enemies and obstacles are invisible
Wario Land, Super Mario Land 3, Wario, Small Wario, Bull Wario, Jet
Wario and Dragon Wario are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

1 023-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 2
2 053-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 5
3 00D-8DA-E6E Stop timer
4 02D-8DA-E6E Timer counts down by 2
5 002-41B-F7E Start new game with 1 life instead of 6
6 092-41B-F7E Start new game with 10 lives instead of 6
7 242-41B-F7E Start new game with 25 lives instead of 6
8 492-41B-F7E Start new game with 50 lives instead of 6
9 742-41B-F7E Start new game with 75 lives instead of 6
10 992-41B-F7E Start new game with 100 lives instead of 6
11 001-40C-E6E Infinite lives
12 024-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Bunny Mario(tm)
13 034-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Fire Mario(tm)
14 FA1-B9C-4C1 Stay as Super Mario(tm) when hit
15 FA1-C8C-4C1 Stay as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit
16 01D-92E-E6A + 019-2BA-E6A Each coin worth 101
17 009-22A-19A + 00D-89E-19A Each coin worth 0
18 004-BBC-19A Hearts (extra life) worth nothing
19 004-5F8-2AA Play 30 coin game of chance for free
20 004-288-A2B Play 50 coin game of chance for free
21 003-F28-E62 Play 200 coin game of chance for free
22 003-BB8-C4E + 003-BA8-80C Play 999 coin game of chance for free
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Bunny Mario, Fire Mario and Super Mario are trademarks of Nintendo of America Inc.

Bionic Commando(tm) Game
FAE-6EB-4C1 Infinite energy
024-0EE-E66 Start with 2 lives
044-0EE-E66 Start with 4 lives
064-0EE-E66 Start with 6 lives
006-0AE-915 Infinite lives
004-04E-915 Infinite continues
024-818-E66 2 continues
044-818-E66 4 continues
064-818-E66 6 continues
845-E0E-5D4 Start with 8 energy
Bionic Commando is a trademark of Capcom USA.

Fish Dude(tm) Game
215-25F-081 No timer
002-3DF-E62 Start with 1 life
042-3DF-E62 Start with 5 lives
082-3DF-E62 Start with 9 lives
0E2-3DF-E62 Start with 15 lives—ignore counter for 1st 5 lives
002-A8F-3BE Infinite lives
Fish Dude is a trademark of SOFEL Corp.

Fist of the North Star(tm) Game
21E-9FF-4C1 Almost invincible
21F-A5F-4C1 No energy loss from weapons thrown
*=Both players
404-F7E-195 *Start with 25% energy
7F4-F7E-195 *Start with 50% energy
C44-F7E-195 *Start with 75% energy
05B-CCE-E6E Start on level 5
09B-CCE-E6E Start on level 9
Fist of the North Star is a trademark of Bronson—Tetsuo
Hara/Shueisha—Fuji TV—Toei Animation

Godzilla(tm) Game
00F-09F-E6E Infinite lives
005-16D-19E Infinite energy—spikes can still kill you
016-E9F-E62 Start with 2 life
056-E9F-E62 Start with 6 lives
096-E9F-E62 Start with 10 lives
088-3BF-A2A Godzilla loses 1/2 energy on 1st hit
Godzilla is a trademark of Toho Company, Ltd.

Home Alone(tm) Game
214-34F-081 No bad guys
013-ADD-E66 Start with 1 hit pt.
063-ADD-E66 6 hit pts.
093-ADD-E66 9 hit pts.—meter shows 6
00B-5AD-19E Infinite hit pts.
013-E5D-7FA Need 1 treasure to finish level 1
Home Alone is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film

Krusty's Fun House(tm) Game
1 022-43F-E66 + 022-58F-E66 Start with 2 lives
2 062-43F-E66 + 062-58F-E66 Start with 6 lives
3 092-43F-E66 + 092-58F-E66 Start with 9 lives
4 FA3-ACF-4C1 Infinite lives
5 FA6-EBB-4C1 Infinite pies
6 022-5DF-C42 Start with 2 pies
7 072-5DF-C42 Start with 7 pies
8 0F2-5DF-C42 Start with 15 pies—only shows 10
Krusty's Fun House is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox

The Little Mermaid(tm) Game
1 018-96F-E66 Start with only 1 heart
2 058-96F-E66 Start with 5 hearts
3 088-96F-E66 Start with 8 hearts (only shows 5)
4 C98-22E-3BE Infinite energy
5 007-F1F-E66 Start with 1 life
6 047-F1F-E66 Start with 5 lives
7 087-F1F-E66 Start with 9 lives
8 00C-79F-3BE Infinite lives
9 018-07F-195 Start on level 2
10 028-07F-195 Start on level 3
11 038-07F-195 Start on level 4
12 048-07F-195 Start on level 5
13 058-07F-195 Start on level 6
14 068-07F-195 See end-of-game credits
The Little Mermaid is a trademark of The Walt Disney Company.

Missile Command(tm) Game
002-9AE-19E + 002-4BE-19E + 20F-FDE-D56 Infinite missiles
FF6-BBD-191 Invincible bases
*=Start by defending
02F-28E-E6A *New York
04F-28E-E6A *London
06F-28E-E6A *Sydney
08F-28E-E6A *Paris
0AF-28E-E6A *Moscow
18F-28E-E6A *San Francisco
Missile Command is a trademark of Atari Corporation.

Pinball Dreams(tm) Game
1 004-BAC-4CA + 004-BBC-B32 Never tilt
2 3EB-EDF-4C1 + 04B-EEF-4C7 + 00B-EFF-A2D Start with 5x
bonus, lose it if you collect any other bonus
3 054-C7D-E62 Collect 2x bonus and get more
4 018-1BF-E66 Start with 1 ball
5 048-1BF-E66 Start with 4 balls
6 078-1BF-E66 Start with 7 balls
7 098-1BF-E66 Start with 9 balls
8 008-18F-3BA Infinite balls
Pinball Dreams is a trademark of Gametek, Inc.

Spud's Adventure(tm) Game
013-C8E-E62 Start with 2 life
053-C8E-E62 Start with 6 lives
093-C8E-E62 Start with 10 lives
002-67E-19E Infinite lives
007-5FE-5D4 Begin each new screen with a key—except 1st
3E1-D1E-2A9 + 011-D2E-915 1 EXP pt. for killing a bad guy
3E1-D1E-2A9 + 051-D2E-915 5 EXP pts. for killing a bad guy
3E1-D1E-2A9 + 091-D2E-915 9 EXP pts. for killing a bad guy
Spud's Adventure is a trademark of Atlus Software Inc.

70E-59D-6E9 Start with 1/2 energy
C95-00E-4C1 Almost infinite energy
001-03B-19E Infinite time in reprogramming stage
148-54B-4CA 20 shots kill end of level 1 boss
0A8-54B-4CA 10 shots kill end of level 1 boss
058-54B-4CA 5 shots kill end of level 1 boss
Terminator 2: Judgment Day is a trademark of Carolco Pictures Inc.

00F-36B-E6E Infinite missiles
80F-6DD-7F6 Infinite energy
Metroid II Return of Samus is a trademark of Nintendo of America

Kirby's Pinball Land(tm) Game
1 300-B99-6EB 30 sec. allowed in Wispy-Woods bonus room
2 990-B99-6EB 99 sec. allowed in Wispy-Woods bonus room
3 FAF-18A-4C1 Infinite bonus room time--switch off to exit
4 005-34B-E69 Infinite balls
5 054-7CF-E66 Start with 5 balls
6 014-7CF-E66 Start with 1 ball
7 094-7CF-E66 Start with 9 balls
8 3EE-CF9-2A9 + 01E-D09-A21 Go straight to end-of-level bosses
9 3EE-CF9-2A9 + 02E-D09-A21 Go straight to bonus games
Kirby's Pinball Land and related names are trademarks of Hal
Laboratory, Inc./Nintendo.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle(tm) Game
1 001-5CA-E62 Start with 1 life
2 091-5CA-E62 Start with 10 lives
3 0E1-5CA-E62 Start with 15 lives
4 001-61A-E66 Start with 1 mooseberry--1st life
5 041-61A-E66 Start with 5 mooseberries--1st life
6 091-61A-E66 Start with 10 mooseberries--1st life
7 004-BCE-E66 Start with 1 mooseberry--2nd life
8 044-BCE-E66 Start with 5 mooseberries--2nd life
9 094-BCE-E66 Start with 10 mooseberries--2nd life
10 FA4-96E-4C1 Infinite energy
11 014-53E-08B 1 hit and you die
12 FA4-28E-4C1 1 hit and you're invincible
13 C94-4CE-E69 Invincibility
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is a trademark of Ward
Productions, Inc.

Bases Loaded(tm) Game
1 00C-63B-19A No walks
2 00C-66B-F7A 1 ball and you walk
3 02C-66B-F7A 2 balls and you walk
4 03C-66B-F7A 3 balls and you walk
5 04C-66B-F7A 5 balls and you walk
6 00C-77B-19A Outs aren't counted (baserunners will still be
taken out)
7 003-8F8-E66 Number of outs to retire the side varies
8 00C-43B-3BA Strikes aren't counted
9 01C-46B-E66 1 strike and you're out
10 02C-46B-E66 2 strikes and you're out
11 05C-46B-E66 5 strikes and you're out
12 008-1FF-E6E + 008-11F-E6E No scoring--switch off to
Bases Loaded is a trademark of Jaleco USA Inc.

Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks(tm) Game
1 003-C5B-3B7 + 002-3FA-3B7 + 000-BDA-19E Collisions
barely affect speed
2 00D-46B-3BE Collisons with cars don't affect speed
3 1E7-31B-B37 + 027-32B-A26 Start with 1 lap--ignore lap
timer and counter
4 1E7-31B-B37 + 047-32B-A26 Start with 3 laps--ignore
lap timer and counter
5 1E7-31B-B37 + 0A7-32B-A26 Start with 9 laps--ignore
lap timer and counter
6 XX1-069-19A Start with burst of speed
7 004-65A-3BE Infinite fuel
Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks is a trademark of Konami Industry
Co. Ltd.

Bo Jackson Two Games In One(tm) Game
1 01F-13C-F7A 1 ball and you walk
2 02F-13C-F7A 2 balls and you walk
3 05F-13C-F7A 5 balls and you walk
4 00E-C5C-3BA Strikes aren't counted--ignore message, you
need 4 balls to walk
5 003-E88-3BA Outs aren't counted
6 01E-87C-E66 1 strike and you're out
7 02E-87C-E66 2 strikes and you're out
8 008-3C8-3BA + 008-268-3BA No scoring--switch off
effects to score
9 F05-6EC-6E9 Infinite time
10 010-68B-E66 Start with 1 timeout
11 020-68B-E66 Start with 2 timeouts
12 0A0-68B-E66 Start with 10 timeouts
13 000-12A-3BE Infinite timeouts
14 F07-D0B-6E9 Always 1st down
Bo Jackson Two Games In One is a trademark of THQ, Inc.

Donkey Kong(tm) Game
1 009-4DF-3BE Infinite lives
2 882-64F-F7A Start with 36 lives
3 00C-34F-E6E Infinite time
4 02C-34F-E6E Timer is 2x faster
5 3E4-F3D-081 + XX4-F4D-4CE + 004-F5D-C49 Practice stage
XX--level indicator doesn't work, can't go on to next level
Donkey Kong is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

The Empire Strikes Back(tm) Game
1 00E-A1F-19E Infinite continues
2 011-D7F-E6A + 001-CFF-5D4 Start with all force
abilities in inventory--still need to get force power to activate
3 011-D7F-E6A + 001-CFF-5D4 Infinite energy--Tautan
4 011-D7F-E6A + 001-CFF-5D4 Infinite energy--Luke
The Empire Strikes Back and related names are trademarks of
Lucasfilm Ltd.

Nintendo Golf(tm) Game
1 3ED-87E-08A + 5ED-88E-C4E Wind power is 10 mph
Nintendo Golf is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Q Billion(tm) Game
1 00B-9FE-C42 Pressing Select in Game B once gives you 246
2 007-55E-19E Infinite timer
3 3EB-61F-08A + 0DB-62F-B3E + 00B-63F-08F Level select --
Game A
Q Billion is a trademark of Seat USA, Inc.

Quarth(tm) Game
1 054-9EA-E66 Select up to level 5
2 00B-31D-08F Super turbo ship
3 AF6-32E-A28 Blocks don't drop (push Up to bring blocks
4 3E6-2BE-081 + 506-2CE-2AB + 006-2DE-F79 Blocks drop
5 3E6-2BE-081 + 806-2CE-2AB + 006-2DE-F79 Blocks drop
super fast
Quarth is a trademark of Ultra Software Corporation.

Rampart(tm) Game
1 003-9CF-3BE Infinite time--levels don't end, switch on
effects at game play screen, off after battle mode, on to rebuild
castle, off to go on
2 3E0-29B-081 + 090-2AB-7F5 + 000-2BB-F7D Have 6 sec.
to rebuild castle walls
3 3E0-29B-081 + 440-2AB-7F5 + 000-2BB-F7D Have 66
sec. to rebuild castle walls
4 3E0-29B-081 + 770-2AB-7F5 + 000-2BB-F7D Have 118
sec. to rebuild castle walls
5 3E0-40B-081 + 1A0-41B-B32 + 000-42B-F71 Levels last
10 sec.
6 3E0-40B-081 + 2A0-41B-B32 + 000-42B-F71 Levels last
25 sec.
7 3E0-40B-081 + 430-41B-B32 + 000-42B-F71 Levels last
50 sec.
8 01E-B3B-F79 Infinite cannons
9 017-0EB-F79 Infinite lives
Rampart is a trademark of Atari Games.

Roger Clemens MVP Baseball(tm) Game
1 014-68A-F7D No walks
2 014-87A-F7D No strikeouts
3 016-B4C-F7D Infinite outs (except strikeouts, baserunners
will still be taken out)
4 016-AFC-E66 + 01B-87C-E66 No outs are called, except
5 009-46B-3B7 + 009-61B-3B7 No scoring--switch off to
score runs
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball is a trademark of LJN, Ltd.

Swamp Thing(tm) Game
1 205-5AF-E6B Start with half energy
2 105-55F-6EA Start with 1/2 environmental meter
3 FAF-CF9-4C1 Infinite environmental meter
4 FA3-8FF-4C1 Infinite lives
5 C92-85E-A28 Invincibility
Swamp Thing is a trademark of DC Comics Inc.

Xenon 2(tm) Game
1 FA4-16D-4C1 Infinite energy
2 013-08F-A22 Start with very little energy
3 053-08F-A22 Start with 1/3 energy
4 093-08F-A22 Start with 1/2 energy
5 002-04F-5D4 Start with 2,222,222 points
6 011-75C-F7E Start with 1 life
7 051-75C-F7E Start with 5 lives
8 0A1-75C-F7E Start with 10 lives
9 FA2-EBF-4C1 Infinite lives
10 002-F4F-5D4 When you die you get an awesome ship--for a
11 C96-DBC-6EE Purchases at shop are free
Xenon 2 is a trademark of The Bitmap Brothers.

World Bowling(tm) Game
1 3E6-94B-F71 + FF6-95B-C4E Always bowl at full power
2 3E3-44A-08F + 0A3-45A-A28 Get a spare even if you miss
World bowling is trademark of Romstar Inc.

Mysterium(tm) Game
1 3AD-B38-E6A Start with 1/2 energy
2 AF8-78C-E68 When switched on in a battle everyone's
energy is set to max--works for enemy, so switch off to defeat
3 01D-008-E66 Start with 1 life
4 05D-008-E66 Start with 5 lives
5 09D-008-E66 Start with 9 lives
6 FA3-98C-4C1 Infinite lives
Mysterium is a trademark of Asmik Corporation of America

Rolans Curse 2(tm) Game
1 F0E-86C-6E9 Infinite HP
2 F0E-01F-6E9 Infinite magic
3 094-59A-E6E Takes 9 MP to use Electric ball
4 024-59A-E6E Takes 2 MP to use Electric ball
5 3C3-72E-5D4 Starts you from a new place with power-ups
Rolans Curse 2 is a trademark of American Sammy Corporation

Play Action Football(tm) Game
1 3E5-DFC-6EA + 405-E0C-4C9 + 005-E5C-19E Always kick at
full power
2 00A-6BD-19E Infinite time
3 013-2A9-E69 Infinite downs
4 02B-84E-F7A Only get 2 downs
5 053-419-C42 Only need 5 yards for 1st down
Play Action Footbal is a trademark of Nintendo of America

Square Deal(tm) Game
1 01D-A0E-F79 Infinite time on pause counter
2 1EC-83E-10A Timer starts at 30
3 00C-83E-10A No time on pause counter
4 0A4-D8D-F7E Select up to level 10 in level select
5 3E3-AFD-C4E + 013-B0D-193 Start with 1 replay
6 3E3-AFD-C4E + 033-B0D-193 Start with 3 replays
7 3E3-AFD-C4E + 093-B0D-193 Start with 9 replays
Square Deal is a trademark of Interactive Network Inc.

Mortal Kombat II(tm) Game
1 001-57F-F72 No continues
2 011-57F-F72 1 continue
3 031-57F-F72 3 continues
4 091-57F-F72 9 continues
5 0F1-57F-F72 15 continues
6 00D-ABF-3BE Infinite continues
7 02C-55B-E6E Much faster timer
8 00C-55B-E6E No timer
9 2C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 30
10 3C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 40
11 4C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 50
12 5C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 60
13 009-48B-91D Infinite energy
14 006-2EB-3B7 + 000-1FA-3B7 Player can't move from floor
15 3E1-79E-4CA + 031-7AE-A2A + E01-7BE-2A9 *Complete
round 1 and go to round 3
16 3E1-79E-4CA + 041-7AE-A2A + E01-7BE-2A9 *Complete
round 1 and go to round 4
17 003-279-19E + 003-249-19E Computer can't move from
18 F40-E89-2AE Normal punches do more damage
19 311-009-3B9 Uppercuts do less damage
20 311-3A9-E69 Back throws do less damage
21 F41-5A9-E60 Special moves (projectiles) do more damage
Mortal Kombat II is a trademark of Midway Manufacturing Company.

Popeye 2(tm) Game
1. 88B-68B-E66 Super code--more lives and power
2. FA3-C59-4C1 Infinite Pows
3. FA3-AFF-4C1 Infinite lives
4. 2A2-02B-A22 Infinite time-switch off to advance in some areas
5. 00E-83B-19E 1 hit and you're invincible untill the end of the level
6. 013-A7F-E66 Start with 1 Pow after 1st life
7. 073-A7F-E66 Start with 7 Pows after 1st life
8. 003-F7A-F7E Start with no continues
9. 023-F7A-F7E Start with 2 continues
10. 093-F7A-F7E Start with 9 continues
11. 00A-1AA-19E Infinite continues
Popeye is a trademark of King Features Syndicate and The Hearst Corp.

Total Carnage(tm) Game
1. FA2-28D-4C1 InfIinite grenades
2. 001-ADD-19E Infinite lives
3. 021-B1D-F72 Start with very little energy after 1st life
4. 991-B1D-F72 Start with mega energy after 1st life
5. 003-55E-19E Don't take damage from some enemies after getting hit
6. 020-54B-F72 Start with very little energy-1st life
7. 990-54B-F72 Start with mega energy-1st life
8. 000-4FB-E66 Start with 1 life
9. 080-4FB-E66 Start with 9 lives
10. 0F0-4FB-E66 Start with 15 lives
11. 030-5FB-E6A Start with 33 grenades
Total Carnage is a trademark of Midway Manufacturing Company

Wario Blast Featuring Bomberman(tm) Game
1. 00A-5BF-3B7 Infinite time
2. 03F-87E-E6E Start with 300 seconds
3. 083-F1A-F7A Collect up to 8 extra bomb power-ups
4. 046-C7D-E6E Start with 4 extra bomb power-ups
5. 046-CBD-E6A Start with 4 explosion expander
6. 210-3BB-4C1 + 000-13B-5D4 Start on round 3-3
7. 210-3BB-4C1 + 3C0-13B-5D4 Start on round 3-Boss
8. 003-EFA-3B7 Extra bomb power-ups don't do anything
9. 003-D7A-3B7 Explosion expanders don't do anything
Wario Blast is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. Bomberman is a trademark of Hudson Soft Co.

Wild Snake(tm) Game
1. 3E2-7ED-2AA + 032-7FD-3BD All snakes are shorter
2. 3E3-15D-08F + 013-16D-7F4 Only plain yellow snakes fall
3. 3E3-15D-08F + 023-16D-7F4 Only zig-zag snakes fall
4. 3E3-15D-08F + 033-16D-7F4 Only dark dotted snakes fall
5. 3E3-15D-08F + 043-16D-7F4 Only light dotted snakes fall
6. 3E3-15D-08F + 053-16D-7F4 Only dark striped snakes fall
7. 3E3-15D-08F + 063-16D-7F4 Only light striped snakes fall
8. 3E3-15D-08F + 073-16D-7F4 Only vertically striped snakes fall
9. 3E3-15D-08F + 083-16D-7F4 Only checkered snake snakes fall
10. 3E3-15D-08F + 0A3-16D-7F4 Only skeleton snakes fall
11. 3E3-15D-08F + 0B3-16D-7F4 Only temporarally invisable snakes fall
12. 3E3-15D-08F + 0C3-16D-7F4 Only dark snakes fall
13. 3E3-15D-08F + 0D3-16D-7F4 Only wild snakes fall
14. 3E3-15D-08F + 0E3-16D-7F4 Only king cobra snakes fall
15. 3E6-DFD-081 + 3E6-E1D-C49 + 306-E2D-19A Collect 1 snake in King Cobra mode and finish level
16. FAB-1EF-4C1 Infinite time in King Cobra mode
17. 3E5-53B-081 + 015-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall very fast
18. 3E5-53B-081 + 005-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall extremely fast
19. 3E5-53B-081 + 055-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall slower
20. 3E5-53B-081 + 1F5-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall very slow
21. 3E5-53B-081 + AF5-54B-C47 + 005-55B-F71 Snakes fall extremely slow
Wild Snakes is a trademark of Bullet Proof Software

Samaurai Shodown(tm) Game
1. FA2-46D-4C1 Infitnite time
2. 3EF-80E-D57 + 1EF-81E-08F Start timer at 30 secs.
3. 3EF-80E-D57 + 2EF-81E-08F Start timer at 46 secs.
4. 3EF-80E-D57 + 3EF-81E-08F Start timer at 62 secs.
5. 3EF-80E-D57 + 4EF-81E-08F Start timer at 78 secs.
6. 3EF-80E-D57 + 5EF-81E-08F Start timer at 94 secs.
7. 3EF-80E-D57 + 6EF-81E-08F Start timer at 110 secs.
8. 3EF-80E-D57 + 7EF-81E-08F Start timer at 126 secs.
9. 3EF-80E-D57 + 8EF-81E-08F Start timer at 142 secs.
10. 3EF-80E-D57 + 9EF-81E-08F Start timer at 158 secs.
11. 11F-86E-3B6 Both players start with 1/3 energy
12. 21F-86E-3B6 Both players start with 2/3 energy
13. FFF-86E-3B6 Both players start with more energy
14. 3EB-60D-7F1 Computer takes all damage--even when you get hit
15. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 008-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Genan Shiranui
16. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 018-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Galford
17. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 028-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Haohmaru
18. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 038-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Ukyo Tachibana
19. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 048-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Charlotte
20. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 058-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Tam Tam
21. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 068-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Earthquake
22. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 078-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Nakoruru
23. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 088-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Wan Fan
24. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 098-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Jubei Yagyo
25. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 0A8-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Hanzo Hattori
26. 3E8-9A9-2AA + 0B8-9B9-D5E + E08-9C9-2A9 Always fight Kyoshiro Senryo
Samurai Shodown and related names are trademarks of SNK

Turn And Burn(tm) Game
1. 7C2-99E-08F Start with more Aim-54 missiles
2. 7C2-8BE-08F Start with more Aim-9 missiles
3. 00E-1CD-3BE Infinite missles
4. 001-51C-F7A Gun doesn't overheat
Turn and Burn is a trademark of Absolute Entertainment Inc.

Tom and Jerry(tm) Frantic Antics Game
1. 019-0CC-E66 Start with 1 life
2. 059-0CC-E66 Start with 5 lives
3. 0A9-0CC-E66 Start with 10 lives
4. 01E-39E-A25 Infinite lives
5. 001-43C-E6E + 001-51C-E6E Infinite time
6. 010-DEC-F7E Start with 1 minutes on the timer
7. 0A0-DEC-F7E Start with 10 minutes on the timer
8. 0F0-DEC-F7E Start with 15 minutes on the timer--ignore counter
9. 013-338-08B Don't flash after getting hit
10. FA3-338-08B Flash longer after getting hit
11. 00C-E4B-3BE Infinite lives
Tom and Jerry is a trademark of Turner Entertainment Co. and Telefilm-Essen GmbH

Robocop Versus the Terminator(tm) Game
1. FAE-67B-4C1 Infinite energy
2. 01D-7DD-E6A Start on level 2
3. 02D-7DD-E6A Start on level 3
4. 03D-7DD-E6A Start on level 4
5. 04D-7DD-E6A Start on level 5
6. 05D-7DD-E6A Start on level 6
7. 01D-5DD-56A Start with 01010101 points
8. 01D-58D-F76 Start with very little energy-1st life
9. 15D-58D-F76 Start with more energy-1st life
10. 01E-E0B-F76 Start with very little energy-2nd life
11. 15E-E0B-F76 Start with more energy-2nd life
Robocop is a trademark of Orion Pictures Corporation The Terminator is a trademark of Cinema '84

Taz-mania(tm) Game
1. FAC-519-4C1 Infinite spins
2. FA7-3CC-4C1 Infinite hearts
3. 00A-969-E68 Don't flash after getting hit
4. 11A-969-E68 Don't flash as long after getting hit
5. F1A-969-E68 Flash longer after getting hit
6. 003-658-E69 Invincible
7. 017-6EF-E66 Start with 1 heart--1st life
8. 057-6EF-E66 Start with 5 hearts--1st life
9. 0A7-6EF-E66 Start with 10 hearts--1st life
10. FA6-AA8-4C1 Infinite time
11. 3E8-408-80E + 058-418-4C2 Start timer at 58 seconds
12. 3E8-408-80E + 0A8-418-4C2 Start timer at 1 min. 48 sec.
13. FAA-48D-4C1 Infinite credits
Taz-mania is a trademark of Warner Bros.

Dead Heat Scramble(tm) Game
1. 004-05F-19E Infinite time
2. 02B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 2
3. 03B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 3
4. 04B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 4
5. 05B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 5
6. 06B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 6
7. 07B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 7
8. 08B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 8
9. 09B-0C8-E6E Start on stage 9
10. 0AB-0C8-E6E Start on stage 10
Dead Heat Scramble is a trademark of Electro Brain Corp.

Maru's Mission(tm) Game
1. 009-7CC-A2C + 009-80C-808 Infinite energy
Maru's Mission is a Trademark of Jaleco USA, Inc.

Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus(tm) Game
1. 013-F78-7FB Start with very little phasers and shields
2. 223-F78-7FB Start with 1/4 phasers and shields
3. 3F3-F78-7FB Start with 1/2 phasers and shields
4. 4F3-F78-7FB Start with 3/4 phasers and shields
5. 182-56D-2AA Almost infinite phasers and shields
6. 013-D48-805 Infinite attempts in sub game
Star Trek Generations: Beyond the Nexus is a trademark of Absolute entertainment Inc.

WCW: The Main Event Wrestling(tm) Game
1. C95-D9E-3BA Never regain any energy
2. 096-3EE-E6E Computer does massive damage
3. 186-06E-2AA + AF6-05E-A28 1st hit kills
4. 003-3ED-E6E Infinite time
5. 023-3ED-E6E Faster timer
WCW: The Main Event is a trademark of Fujisankei Communications International, Inc.

Super Battletank(tm) Game
1. 05E-42D-2A2 Start with 5 shells
2. 63E-42D-2A2 Start with 99 shells
3. 05E-4DD-E6E Start with 5 laser shots
4. 63E-4DD-E6E Start with 99 laser shots
5. 05E-58D-E6E Start with 5 smoke shots
6. 63E-58D-E6E Start with 99 smoke shots
7. 05E-63D-B30 Start with 5 bullets
8. 63E-63D-B30 Start with 99 bullets
9. 15E-72D-195 Start with very little fuel
10. E0B-00C-2A9 Infinite damage
11. 005-95C-3BE Infinite ammo
12. C9D-E1D-2A9 Infinite fuel
Super Battletank is a trademark of Absolute entertainment

WWF: King of the Ring(tm) Game
1. 00C-0FD-E6E No out of ring timer
WWF: King of the Ring is a trademark of Titan Sports

Jurassic Park(tm) Part 2: The Chaos Continues Game
1. 013-9EF-E66 Start with 1 lives
2. 053-9EF-E66 Start with 5 lives
3. 073-9EF-E66 Start with 7 lives
4. 093-9EF-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. 01C-06E-F7A Start with 1 heart--after 1st life
6. 09C-06E-F7A Start with 9 hearts--after 1st life
7. 013-9BF-F7A Start with 1 heart--1st life
8. 093-9BF-F7A Start with 9 hearts--1st life
9. 00C-46E-19E Infinite hearts
10. 00C-11E-E6E Infinite lives
11. AF3-C9B-7F6 Only need 1 card to open the gate
12. 003-DCB-19A Cant collect any energy
13. AF3-DCB-19A First Aid gives you mega energy
14. 3E3-DAB-4CA + 033-DBB-F7E Get max energy from collecting energy
15. AFC-46E-19E 1 hit and you die
Jurassic Park is a trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc.

Mega Man 4(tm) Game
1. 01C-45F-915 Infinite lives
2. 269-F6F-808 Start with 1/4 energy
3. 4B9-F6F-808 Start with 1/2 energy
4. 709-F6F-808 Start with 3/4 energy
5. 001-CE9-3B7 Infinite energy
6. 01C-AEF-E66 Start with 1 lives
7. 05C-AEF-E66 Start with 5 lives
8. 09C-AEF-E66 Start with 9 lives
9. 21F-EAA-E61 Invincible
10. 005-67B-A29 Shoot more than 3 shots at a time
Mega Man is a trademark of Capcom.

Mega Man 5(tm) Game
1. 01B-75F-915 Infinite lives
2. 01B-EAF-E66 Start with 1 lives
3. 05B-EAF-E66 Start with 5 lives
4. 09B-EAF-E66 Start with 9 lives
5. 004-1D9-3B7 Infinite energy
6. 269-44F-808 Start with about 1/4 energy
7. 4B9-44F-808 Start with about 1/2 energy
8. 709-44F-808 Start with about 3/4 energy
9. 212-269-E61 Invincible
Mega Man is a trademark of Capcom.

Batman(tm): The Animated Series

005-EFD-3B7 Infinite energy
014-8ED-F76 Start with very little energy
044-8ED-F76 Start with about half energy
0E4-8ED-F76 Start with about 2x energy
09A-70B-F7E Each batarang pick-up is worth 9
00B-A3D-3BE Infinite batarangs
215-92D-D5D Almost invincible—Switch off if you get stuck
004-96D-5D4 + FA4-9AD-4C1 Start with 7 batarangs
006-16E-3B7 Most enemies don't die
0AF-CDB-E62 Most enemies are harder to kill
AF6-15E-A2C Most enemies die with one hit
Batman is a trademark of DC Comics

Captain America and the Avengers(tm) Game

011-DDF-E66 Start with 1 lives
0A1-DDF-E66 Start with 10 lives
005-CCE-3B7 Infinite energy
99A-29F-7FB Start with energy at 153
FFA-29F-7FB Start with energy at 255
22A-29F-7FB Start with energy at 34
017-748-D5A Enemy bullets do very little damage
197-748-D5A Enemy bullets do more damage
337-748-D5A Enemy bullets do much more damage
3E3-A8F-912 + 013-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 1-2
3E3-A8F-912 + 023-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 1-3
3E3-A8F-912 + 033-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 1-4
3E3-A8F-912 + 043-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 1-5
3E3-A8F-912 + 053-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 1-6
3E3-A8F-912 + 063-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 2-1
3E3-A8F-912 + 073-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 2-2
3E3-A8F-912 + 083-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 2-3
3E3-A8F-912 + 093-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 2-4
3E3-A8F-912 + 0A3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 2-5
3E3-A8F-912 + 0B3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 2-6
3E3-A8F-912 + 0C3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 3-1
3E3-A8F-912 + 0D3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 3-2
3E3-A8F-912 + 0E3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 3-3
3E3-A8F-912 + 0F3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 3-4
3E3-A8F-912 + 103-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 3-5
3E3-A8F-912 + 113-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 4-1
3E3-A8F-912 + 123-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 4-2
3E3-A8F-912 + 133-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 4-3
3E3-A8F-912 + 143-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 4-4
3E3-A8F-912 + 153-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 4-5
3E3-A8F-912 + 163-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 4-6
3E3-A8F-912 + 173-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 5-1
3E3-A8F-912 + 183-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 5-2
3E3-A8F-912 + 193-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 5-3
3E3-A8F-912 + 1A3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 5-4
3E3-A8F-912 + 1B3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 5-5
3E3-A8F-912 + 1C3-A9F-E6A + E03-AAF-2A9 Start on stage 5-6
Captain America and the Avengers is a trademark of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Contra: The Alien Wars(tm) Game

017-97B-E6A Start with Flame Thrower
077-97B-E6A Start with Crush Gun
087-97B-E6A Start with Homing shot
097-97B-E6A Start with Spread shot
052-B1B-E6E Get 5 smart bombs after you die
092-B1B-E6E Get 9 smart bombs after you die
007-E2C-19E Infinite smart bombs
010-6FB-7FB Don't flash after getting hit
FF0-6FB-7FB Flash longer after getting hit
3EB-81B-4CA Invincible
Contra: The Alien wars is a trademark of Konami (America) Inc.

Donkey Kong Land(tm) Game

00E-899-F7E + 00E-958-F7E Start with 1 life
08E-899-F7E + 08E-958-F7E Start with 9 lives
0EE-899-F7E + 0EE-958-F7E Start with 15 lives
63E-899-F7E + 63E-958-F7E Start with 99 lives
00D-9DB-3BE + 21D-A0B-E61 Infinite lives
C3D-A0B-E61 Lose all your lives when you die
C9D-FDB-4C1 If you get hit you don't change characters until you are back at the map screen
3E0-81B-4CA Invincible
002-1FB-3BE Change soundtrack
004-C6B-3BE + 3E4-C0B-3B2 Each banana gives you mega lives (switch off when you have enough lives)
Donkey Kong Land is a trademark of Nintendo of America Inc.

Madden '95(tm) Game

00C-3BE-19E Infinite play clock
00C-62E-19E + F09-33C-6E9 Infinite game time
028-8ED-E6E Start on second down
038-8ED-E6E Start on third down
048-8ED-E6E Start on fourth down
005-DED-19A + FAE-F0C-4C1 Down never increases
Madden '95 is a trademark of Electronic Arts

The Pagemaster(tm) Game

000-95B-19A Don't flash at all when you start a new stage
FF0-95B-19A Flash longer when you start a new stage
008-36B-19E Invincible
011-BFF-F7E Start with 1 life
031-BFF-F7E Start with 3 lives
071-BFF-F7E Start with 7 lives
0A1-BFF-F7E Start with 10 lives
0F1-BFF-F7E Start with 15 lives
011-BFF-F7E + 001-C3F-5D4 Start in the Adventure World with 1 life
021-BFF-F7E + 001-C3F-5D4 Start in the Fantasy World with 2 lives
3C1-CDF-5D4 Start with 11,111,111 points
01F-D1E-912 Get a Help Book for every Gold Token
02F-D1E-912 Get a Help Book for every 2 Gold Tokens
0AF-D1E-912 Get a Help Book for every 10 Gold Tokens
32F-D1E-912 Get a Help Book for every 50 Gold Tokens
63F-D1E-912 Get a Help Book for every 99 Gold Tokens
00F-348-19E Infinite Help Books
The Pagemaster is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and Turner Pictures, Inc.

The Simpsons: Bart & the Beanstalk(tm) Game

00A-608-19E Infinite fire crackers
001-ADF-E66 Start with 1 life
041-ADF-E66 Start with 5 lives
091-ADF-E66 Start with 10 lives
002-83E-E6E Infinite lives
FA7-42C-4C1 Infinite energy
106-37E-917 Start with 1/4 energy
306-37E-917 Start with 1/2 energy
456-37E-917 Start with 3/4 energy
C97-2CC-E69 Invincible
The Simpsons: Bart & the Beanstalk is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy(tm) Game

009-0E9-E6E Always get a hole in one
00A-24D-E6E Infinite lives
000-7D9-CCE Start with 1 life
040-7D9-CCE Start with 5 lives
0E0-7D9-CCE Start with 15 lives
00A-24A-3BE Invincible after getting hit
00A-07A-C49 Invincible
The Simpsons: Itchy & Scratchy is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Sea Quest DSV(tm) Game

01B-2DD-F7A Start with 2 lives
04B-2DD-F7A Start with 5 lives
09B-2DD-F7A Start with 10 lives
0EB-2DD-F7A Start with 15 lives
03B-37D-E6A Start with super score
001-EB8-E6E Infinite lives
011-FCC-C42 Start with very little hull energy
051-FCC-C42 Start with 1/2 hull energy
071-FCC-C42 Start with 3/4 hull energy
AFE-04B-19E Lose most energy after first hit
00E-04B-19E Invincible
Sea Quest DSV is a trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

Stargate(tm) Game

008-22B-E6E Tile counter doesn't work
0E9-7DB-80E + 019-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile one
0E9-7DB-80E + 029-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile two
0E9-7DB-80E + 039-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile three
0E9-7DB-80E + 049-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile four
0E9-7DB-80E + 059-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile five
0E9-7DB-80E + 069-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile six
0E9-7DB-80E + 079-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile seven
0E9-7DB-80E + 089-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile eight
0E9-7DB-80E + 099-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile nine
0E9-7DB-80E + 0A9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile ten
0E9-7DB-80E + 0B9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile eleven
0E9-7DB-80E + 0C9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile twelve
0E9-7DB-80E + 0D9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always smart bomb tiles
0E9-7DB-80E + 0E9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always digger tiles
0E9-7DB-80E + 0F9-7EB-D53 The bottom of the tiles are always tile wildcard tiles
C92-74D-C49 Tiles all look blank but aren't
Stargate is a trademark of Le Studio Canal+ (U.S.)

Tiny Toon Adventures 2(tm) Game

006-14B-19E Infinite time
00D-5CD-19E Infinite energy
029-66E-F7A Start with 1 heart
039-66E-F7A Start with 2 hearts
00A-5ED-E6E Infinite lives
00E-1E9-E62 Start with 1 life
04E-1E9-E62 Start with 5 lives
09E-1E9-E62 Start with 10 lives
00E-229-5D4 Start with mega points
01E-319-F7E Start with 100 seconds on the clock
03E-319-F7E Start with 300 seconds on the clock
07E-319-F7E Start with 700 seconds on the clock
09E-319-F7E Start with 900 seconds on the clock
C3C-DAD-E61 Invincible
00D-53D-679 One hit and you die
3FD-53D-679 Don't flash as long after getting hit
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 is a trademark of Warner Bros.

Street Fighter II(tm)
1. 013-F89-2AB Player one starts with very little energy
2. 1F3-F89-2AB Player one starts with 1/4 energy
3. 3A3-F89-2AB Player one starts with 1/2 energy
4. 523-F89-2AB Player one starts with 3/4 energy
5. FF3-F89-2AB Player one starts with more energy
6. 013-FF9-2AB Player two starts with very little energy
7. 1F3-FF9-2AB Player two starts with 1/4 energy
8. 3A3-FF9-2AB Player two starts with 1/2 energy
9. 523-FF9-2AB Player two starts with 3/4 energy
10. FF3-FF9-2AB Player two starts with more energy
11. 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
12. 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
13. 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
14. 884-619-6E7 Start with sec. on the timer
15. 093-85A-F72 Allows you to select a higher skill level
16. 00B-938-E6D Opponent can't win any normal rounds
17. 005-0B8-A2A Foot sweep doesn't do any damage
18. 405-0B8-A2A Foot sweep does more damage
19. 885-0B8-A2A Foot sweep kills
20. 004-F78-A2A Crouch punch doesn't do any damage
21. 404-F78-A2A Crouch punch does more damage
22. 884-F78-A2A Crouch punch kills
23. 004-A78-A2A Normal upper cut doesn't do any damage
24. 404-A78-A2A Normal upper cut does more damage
25. 884-A78-A2A Normal upper cut kills
26. 004-CF8-A3A Straight punch doesn't do any damage
27. 404-CF8-A3A Straight punch does more damage
28. 884-CF8-A3A Straight punch kills
29. 004-BB8-C42 Standong hack kick doesn't do any damage
30. 404-BB8-C42 Standong hack kick does more damage
31. 884-BB8-C42 Standong hack kick kills
32. 005-B58-A22 Rolling throw doesn't do any damage
33. 405-B58-A22 Rolling throw does more damage
34. 885-B58-A22 Rolling throw kills
35. 005-338-A2E Jumping straigh up and kicking doesn't do any damage
36. 405-338-A2E Jumping straigh up and kicking does more damage
37. 885-338-A2E Jumping straigh up and kicking kills
38. 004-D98-C4A Standing short kick doesn't do any damage
39. 404-D98-C4A Standing short kick does more damage
40. 884-D98-C4A Standing short kick kills
41. 005-838-B3E Fireball doesn't do any damage
42. 405-838-B3E Fireball does more damage
43. 885-838-B3E Fireball kills
44. 009-249-3B7 Nobody takes damage from anything but throws/grabs
Street Fighter II is a trademark of Capcom Co., Ltd.

Killer Instinct(tm)
1. 002-199-19E Infinite time
2. 103-1CD-80C Round starts with 10 seconds
3. 303-1CD-80C Round starts with 30 seconds
4. 503-1CD-80C Round starts with 50 seconds
5. 753-1CD-80C Round starts with 75 seconds
6. FA7-B0B-4C1 Infinite energy
7. 012-EAD-919 Strart with very little energy
8. 4B2-EAD-919 Strart with 1/4 energy
9. 882-EAD-919 Strart with 1/2 energy
10. B42-EAD-919 Strart with 3/4 energy
11. 00B-428-6E2 Fierce tiger fury does no damage
12. 88B-428-6E2 Fierce tiger fury does more damage
13. FFB-428-6E2 Fierce tiger fury kills
14. 00B-698-916 Fierce wind kick does no damage
15. 88B-698-916 Fierce wind kick does more damage
16. FFB-698-916 Fierce wind kick kills
17. 00B-838-91E Fierce laser blade does no damage
18. 88B-838-91E Fierce laser blade does more damage
19. FFB-838-91E Fierce laser blade kills
Killer Instinct is a trademark of Nintendo/Rare.

Kirby's Dreamland 2(tm)
1. 003-838-19E One hit and you're invincible
2. 012-BFA-6EB Don't flash at all after getting hit
3. 202-BFA-6EB Don't flash as long after getting hit
4. FA7-CBD-4C1 Infinite energy
5. AFA-9EC-A28 One hit and you die
6. 00D-589-E62 Start with 1 life
7. 04D-589-E62 Start with 5 lives
8. 06D-589-E62 Start with 7 lives
9. 09D-589-E62 Start with 10 lives
10. FA1-C4B-4C1 Infinite lives
11. 01C-DE8-F76 Each star woth an extra life
12. 00C-DC8-19A Can't get extra lives from stars
13. 01C-DE8-F76 + 3DC-878-19A Each star takes away a life
Kirby's Dreamland 2 is a trademark of Nintendo/HAL Laboratory, Inc.

Super Chase H.Q.(tm) Game
1. 010-E5A-E66 + 019-08B-E66 Start with 1 turbo boost
2. 020-E5A-E66 + 029-08B-E66 Start with 2 turbo boosts
3. 050-E5A-E66 + 059-08B-E66 Start with 5 turbo boosts
4. 090-E5A-E66 + 099-08B-E66 Start with 9 turbo boosts
5. 007-67E-19E Infinite turbos
6. 777-47E-081 Turbo boosts last half as long
7. 157-47E-081 Turbo boosts are very short
8. 007-14E-F79 Turbo boosts lasts as forever—switch off to fire a turbo boost then switch back on while turbo boost is going
9. 006-78E-E6E Infinite time
10. F59-90B-2A1 Start with lots of points
Super Chase H.Q. is a trademark of Taito Corporation